Even Now (Jimmy Michaels Night Mix) by Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Roberts
Song: Even Now (Jimmy Michaels Night Mix)

Reviewer: Trinity

Positive Comments: This song has tremendous momentum with the percussion intro, then a real deep funky bassline that catches the ear and the feet. This very much reminds me of artists such as Central Line and a rap element very much like the Fun Young Criminals, and a great genre mix and blend of instrumental interludes, especially the funky wah guitar sound.

Constructive Comments: I love the dynamics of this song with plenty of variation, and a touch of Rick James, Prince and George Clinton, with a real retro-funk feel, while still sounding contemporary. I would personally have brought in the bassline a little earlier, or not let the percussion only intro last so long, in a time when A&R will listen to a track for sometimes a few seconds, there maybe needs a punchier start, but that is just a market thing, as a track on an album, or a 7 minute club mix, it’s perfect. I just took notice of my feet, they know when something moves you.

Did You Take the Time Today by Wayne Ammons

Wayne Ammons

Broadjam Artist: Wayne Ammons
Song: Did You Take the Time Today

Reviewer: Trinity

Positive Comments: This is a great song with a really authentic Nashville feel, and would not shame itself in any way played at the Ryman Auditorium on the most hallowed of occasions. Having watched the Nashville series, mainly for the music rather than the soap opera elements, this song would fit nicely on their roster, with great guitar twang and superb musicianship, and a great vocal with a Glen Campbell vibe. I wish the very best for this song.

Constructive Comments: This is definitely a song that would work equally played with just an acoustic guitar or piano and it would still hold it’s resonance and empathy, the arrangement is spot on. Personally I would, for the sake of dynamics, drop to just guitar and vocal for the last verse, with a tasteful drum fill back into the full arrangement, I am a fan of dynamics in a song, so that may be just me. As for the song, a big thumbs up!!!!

Jeanie by Randal Dunkle

Randal Dunkle

Broadjam Artist: Randal Dunkle
Song: Jeanie

Reviewer: Trinity

Positive Comments: This is a nice lament style of song with a distinctive husky vocal and clear lyrics, plus a strong piano accompaniment, giving it a kind of Billy Joel feel to it. The song is such, that it could be played with a guitar, or as heard, a piano, it doesn’t depend on mass production to make it work. This artist obviously knew Jeannie (however it was spelt) it was heartfelt and genuine.

Constructive Comments: A song with a strong emphasis on a particular subject or person, has the effect of marginalizing itself, as it would only work in a very specific situation. There of course is nothing wrong with a heartfelt song about someone you care about, but you have to accept the fact, it may not work in many Broadjam markets. I feel the mix was a little abrasive and needed to be softened somewhat, the vocals may be a little high in the mix and needed a touch of (or more) reverb, to sweeten them a little.


Patrick E. Muth

Broadjam Artist: Patrick E. Muth

Reviewer: Trinity

Positive Comments: There has been a strong resurgence in authentic blues styles over the past decade or so, and that has remained true, alongside the country style, which this track straddles alongside a ragtime feel. I can see this working well in a Blues club or a period film. This is the kind of music that unites those of all ages, regardless of their musical preferences.

Constructive Comments: I love the feel of this track, it kind of reminds me of something the late great Sammy Davis Jr may sing in a rat pack film. I personally think the arrangement was a little cluttered, maybe one or two instruments could have been omitted, or lowered in the mix, but having said that this had a real live feel, which would be great as a song reproduced by a band in a film, but would not necessarily work as a support to a montage or other cinematic scene. It all depends on what market this artist is going for, but I feel personally if used as an accompaniment to a film?TV, the mix could do with a tweak.

Midnight Impulse by robert wesley

robert wesley

Broadjam Artist: robert wesley
Song: Midnight Impulse

Reviewer: Trinity

Positive Comments: This track would be ideal to convey a feeling of sadness or reflection in a film score, it does summon up images of a break up or losing a loved one. The music, like many new age tracks have a purity of feel about them, kind of like a refreshing sorbet after a heavy meal. It would be fair to say, this composer would work very well in the soundtrack market.

Constructive Comments: As a gigging bassist for many years, I found myself adding a simple bassline over the emphasis points of the chords, and feel this would add a good foil to the higher register piano parts, thus adding a dramatic contrast, but that is just how my mind works, so it doesn’t detract from the piece. It does need a visual partner to it, as ‘soundtrack’ music does, but having said that just listening to the beautifully simple arrangement, pictures did form inside my mind, so it makes it a wonderfully pure and subtle impact.

christmas is a treasure by tim meyers

tim meyers

Broadjam Artist: tim meyers
Song: christmas is a treasure

Reviewer: Trinity

Positive Comments: A measure of any song in my mind is, can you play it on an acoustic guitar, or piano and it still works, then you already have the strong basis for a song, and I believe with this song it would still work. The vocals are strong and clear and in a good place in the mix, it has been well engineered and has all the required effects to emphasize the spirit of the song.

Constructive Comments: As I said, you could strip this song down to a component form and it will still work, so perhaps it could do with a style update. The feel of the song is very early/mid 80s synth/pop which will split the appeal somewhat. The song has the upbeat mood of Christmas, and you could still add the seasonal bells etc, but maybe beef up the dance quotient to give a more contemporary edge, while still keeping the spirit of the season complete. The only problem with a seasonal song is, it only really works for a small part of the year, so you have to make an impact!

About Time by Wayne Ammons

Wayne Ammons

Broadjam Artist: Wayne Ammons
Song: About Time

Reviewer: Margie & Art Corey, S. & A. Corey

Positive Comments: You had me at the second note of this composition, I love this style of music!! In fact, it not fair to ask me to review this tune, it’s so Outstanding!!! Great Feel, rhythm, Rockin’ the House!! What else can one say….with this amount of excellence, BUT WOWZA!! Now the only think left is to push the submit button and see who the Killer Artist is!!! I have a feeling, but I’m not gonna guess this time, I’ll just have to wait and see???LOVE THIS TUNE!! Great Job Sir!!!

Constructive Comments: NOPE!! It’s perfect!! I have nothing to add to this Super Tune!!!