Beautiful Sound by Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Broadjam Artist: Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)
Song: Beautiful Sound

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Very solid as an instrumental and I was surprised to hear the vocals come in. This makes me think of Dianne Reeve–very grown up vocals with a cosmic message. Super tasty playing and arrangement, smoky, passionate vocals, and inspiring lyrics. Did I miss anything? Superb work!!

Constructive Comments: Like what? This is done. Get it out there.

The Gift by Jeff Ashbaker

Jeff Ashbaker

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Ashbaker
Song: The Gift

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Dire Straights meets CCR sound. Very mellow and appealing. Pretty sure I know who this is. If it isn’t Jeff Ashbaker then I’ll be surprised. There’s a by now typical high quality and airplay quality Country / Americana sound much like the Jayhawks. Super smooth performances on all instruments and vocals as well as production. Very good lyrical craftsmanship. Excellent work!

Constructive Comments: Shoot this is pretty much perfect at what it wants to be. Nice job.

Days Go By by Wayne Ammons

Wayne Ammons

Broadjam Artist: Wayne Ammons
Song: Days Go By

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: This is more Pop than Country and that’s totally OK. It reminds me a lot of Lloyd Cole. And of course a very Everly Bros / Righteous Brothers / Orbison classic vibe. This is very catchy and could easily be on BBC2.

Constructive Comments: I don’t like that overly aggressive snare sound. The vocals sound overly compressed / boosted.

Southern California by Yung Proof

Yung Proof

Broadjam Artist: Yung Proof
Song: Southern California

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: That intro is sweet and elegant. Lots of attitude and boast, you know like a rap song? Daisy Dukes and stray curlies, indeed what more do you need???

Constructive Comments: I think the vocal is too far up in the mix. Instead should be lower but more doubling so it has a more powerful, larger than life impression. Not sure the “where I want to be Yeeeeaaaaaa” is working well. And I think you’ve exceed the “nigga” frequency allowed per verse. Seriously it’s too much here IMO. I’d argue for more backing vocals / answer raps / 2nd rapper coming in to pick up the theme and take it somewhere different.

Who stole the sun by Spider kiting

Spider kiting

Broadjam Artist: Spider kiting
Song: Who stole the sun

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: No messing around this comes in big and bad. It has a Dylan vibe, like the “Everything is Broken” Dylan that is. Really good sounds and mix here. I like the hypnotic groove and dark mood. Really tasty, restrained guitar solo. This is album quality work. The only question is whether you like this type of thing or not because in its category it’s excellent and ready for fans.

Constructive Comments: Honestly nothing. This is there.

Once in a While by Jeff Ashbaker

Jeff Ashbaker

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Ashbaker
Song: Once in a While

Reviewer: Seeds?

Positive Comments: Although I don’t typically listen to this genre of music I found myself nodding my head and tapping my foot the entire time! All of the instruments are extremely cohesive and convey the concept of the song well. I especially enjoy when the instruments trade solos at :39, this really shows the talent of the musicians playing on the track! The vocal harmonies sound very natural together.

Constructive Comments: There’s not much constructive criticism I have for this one. Possibly bring the volume of the drums up ever so slightly but honestly that’s not even a huge deal. I could definitely see more violin on the track as well.

Silhouette by FRED GROSS


Broadjam Artist: FRED GROSS
Song: Silhouette

Reviewer: Seeds?

Positive Comments: Definitely a classic laid back blues/jazz track! The guitar tone is very nice and all the instruments work well together to create the soundscape that’s present. I could see this being played in a smokey bar where you can barely see the live band performing onstage. Maybe in the scene of a movie where 2 people meet and share a sultry dance together.

Constructive Comments: The gain structure seems to be off in the mix. The guitar is the only instrument that is coming out distinctly but the rest of the mix seems a bit muddy. My guess is that the rhythm guitar and bass should bring the instrument level down but bring the master volume on the board up and that should remedy everything.

Someday, Inst by The Guinetones

The Guinetones

Broadjam Artist: The Guinetones
Song: Someday, Inst

Reviewer: Seeds?

Positive Comments: A laid back track for wandering around the countryside with a bottle of whiskey or 2. The instruments all compliment each other very well and work together to convey the idea effectively. The overall mix of the song was solid except for one or two screws that need tightening, but overall a great mix! Could definitely see this track playing in a movie, probably a scene where a guy is leaving his life behind driving down a coastal highway as the sun is setting.

Constructive Comments: I would definitely consider adding vocals to the track. The instrumentation is great by itself, don’t get me wrong, but it’s arranged in a way that would work very nicely for vocals. If this were my track I would bring the mandolin up slightly so that it meshes a little better with the rest of the mix, by that’s just my personal opinion.

Besame Mucho/vocal Isaak James by Felice Kaye-Cooper / Songwriter

Felice Kaye-Cooper / Songwriter

Broadjam Artist: Felice Kaye-Cooper / Songwriter
Song: Besame Mucho/vocal Isaak James

Reviewer: Seeds?

Positive Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed this track! I wasn’t quite sure where it was headed during the solo piano intro but when then rest of the instrumentation joined in and the piano switched to a more syncopated rhythm everything just glued together so perfectly! The vocals were just the cherry on top. I could definitely see this playing in a movie during a scene taking place in a dim lit Italian restaurant.

Constructive Comments: There’s not much constructive criticism to be contributed about this track honestly. Just a suggestion but I wouldn’t mind hearing more instruments, maybe some soft horn or stringed instrument for embellishments.