The Long Ride by Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor

Broadjam Artist: Keith Taylor
Song: The Long Ride

Reviewer: Bill Dake

Positive Comments: Like the clarity of the recording and the vocalist has the country sound that fits this tune. Simple but easy to remember hook.

Constructive Comments: As this is most probably a demo I don’t have a lot to comment on as far as the performance….it was fine. I might suggest that the hook needs a more descriptive story line to tie it to. You might want to describe the girl, the journey, when it began, where it began, be a bit more specific. Also, I’d put the emphasis on the word “long” in the hook, stretch that word out. This is a good start, rewrites can be a pain, but they also can reveal a gem……

THE WAY LIFE GOES (192) by Charlie Shock

Charlie Shock

Broadjam Artist: Charlie Shock

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Similar in style and tine to Sheryl Crow’s ” All I wanna Do ” , no real criticisms , indie /pop with an edge.

Constructive Comments: Recording is lacking in a few spots, bass sounds kind of muddy, overall maybe a little dull. This is pretty much straight up pop so I’d at least consider cleaning up the guitar sound. Length is about right. I remember reviewing this song before, might have been a different version. I also seem to recall an issue with the length in the other review. It’s a good song with real commercial potential. Get in clean, say it, get out clean, and I expect you can sell it .

Chasing Fair by Mitch Siegal

Mitch Siegal

Broadjam Artist: Mitch Siegal
Song: Chasing Fair

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Great hook and superb lyrics, melody, and vocals throughout. This has a Dan Fogleberg vibe. There are really good backing vocals, and the string arrangement greatly enhances the tune. I’d bet that this is Mitch? This is a really lovely tune.

Constructive Comments: 4 out of 5 on instrumentation simply because a good mic’d acoustic sound with some air in it would add so much more than what sounds like a direct sound. It sounds like you’re autotuning the vocals in places like “who says” or else compressing it pretty hard. I wouldn’t–the vocals need to breathe more, and the pitch is great as is.