The Like by Ian Graham

Ian Graham

Broadjam Artist: Ian Graham
Song: The Like

Reviewer: FRED GROSS

Positive Comments: This could definitely fit into a film score, country video. Recording was fairly good. Guitar work was good. Nice tune for just an acoustic and vocal. Keep up the good work!

Constructive Comments: Nothin gmuch here to add. In certain parts, the vocals seemed to rush a little, timing was off.. But you can get away with that since it was only a guitar and vocals track.

Nothing’s Safe and Sound by Warren Hein

Warren Hein

Broadjam Artist: Warren Hein
Song: Nothing’s Safe and Sound


Positive Comments: * Keyboards and vocals stand out* String lines are clear and lush* A “Disney” musical feel* Nice performance and production!

Constructive Comments: + Adding one more musical element in the bridge (ex. bass, cymbal rolls, or other) could help it stand out+ non-diatonic chord change in piano intro threw me off (not really there in verse or chorus is it?)+ key modulation could be effective for last chorus melody line stays constant and can get repetitive+ very nice tempo change for ending+ I like this piece alot, I hope my comments don’t sound negative.

The Ones who Love You by CAEDMON’S DREAM


Broadjam Artist: CAEDMON’S DREAM
Song: The Ones who Love You

Reviewer: Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Positive Comments: Mix is general good, I like the placement of the instruments in the mix. Some really good hooks in this song, nice musical ideas. Good song structure the song starts oft, adds good parts and drama and builds to a climatic peak. Nice organ break with background “ohhs” bringing the song back to the top, nice playing, you captured some magic right there!!

Constructive Comments: Overall volume level was a little low and that affects the listening. Strive for better production. Some instruments are sticking out, mainly the snare and crashes. If you could adjust the individual levels of the cymbals etc. the resulting mix you have is well worth the programming time. You could probably do away with the count off at the top and just start with the piano and it would be better, try it, I think you’ll like it. The string sound didn’t vibe with the other instruments, a different sound perhaps, this one was a little ‘space age’ sounding. Although there are a lot of hooks in this song, I didn’t feel the main chorus was as strong and effective as it could of been that’s why the ‘3’. Great heart in your music, I love hearing songs like this…. best of luck with your talent, I hope you get recognized. Just work on your production in the recording process and post. Try to get better, stronger, richer signals from your mic’s and instruments. You recording levels (you want the most or highest amount of signal possible before hitting distortion or clipping to be your record level) is important in having a full and pleasing overall sound. The SOUND IS your presentation of your creation more so than the song itself if you really think about it. For me, I can’t listen to a song if the production is bad, then, a great song doesn’t get heard.

Redefined (Radio Edit) by Adam Avery

Adam Avery

Broadjam Artist: Adam Avery
Song: Redefined (Radio Edit)


Positive Comments: * beautiful lead and backing vocals* lyric has a strong universal message* 12/8 feel flows & builds throughout* Be lifted up with this song!

Constructive Comments: + no intro (even 2 bars can set mood/feel etc)+ drums come in nicely on chorus but the sound quality changes (like a lower quality mp3 track) + nice guitar fills throughout+ fades out too fast

Kitschy Kitschy Kool NEW MIX by Margie & Art Corey, S. & Al Corey

Margie & Art Corey,  S. & Al Corey

Broadjam Artist: Margie & Art Corey, S. & Al Corey
Song: Kitschy Kitschy Kool NEW MIX

Reviewer: Tommy Stewart

Positive Comments: Reminds me a bit of Zappa, great tune. Production and sound is excellent. Great vocals!

Constructive Comments: Was waiting for the song to take off but never happened,was building up and seem to stop. But loved it anyway.

Moments Long Forgotten by Randy Calligan

Randy Calligan

Broadjam Artist: Randy Calligan
Song: Moments Long Forgotten

Reviewer: Tristyn Leach

Positive Comments: very nice acoustic sounding story folk song , melancholy and sweet. brilliant productionnice deep sound, very good natural vocals and sound. the female vocals coming in was a lovely touch , very nice adds another dimension to the track,, its a lovely sweet song through and through

Constructive Comments: nothing to add here. really nice song.

I Just Can’t Seem to Keep My Feet from Walkin’ by Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance

Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance

Broadjam Artist: Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance
Song: I Just Can’t Seem to Keep My Feet from Walkin’

Reviewer: Tristyn Leach

Positive Comments: very cool bluesy jazzy track. has that new orleans vibe to the music. which is great. good feel to the track a fun and enjoyable listen

Constructive Comments: enjoyable track not much to add here. i enjoyed it