Anti-Hero by CaiNo


Broadjam Artist: CaiNo
Song: Anti-Hero

Reviewer: Tyson the Young Gunna

Positive Comments: great mix, quality lyrics. Positive message and insightful premise to the song. clean vocals and beat was hitting.

Constructive Comments: Overall I liked the track. the only thing to me that needs improvement is the tone in the hook. for the type of message you are conveying a little more feeling (aggressiveness) should have been put into the chorus. that would have changed the tone to get your point across more. but hey maybe you wanted to have the entire song to just flow, but to me go a little harder on the chorus.

Pulsar by Jim Haye

Jim Haye

Broadjam Artist: Jim Haye
Song: Pulsar

Reviewer: Nigel Barrett

Positive Comments: Lots of energy but lacking real punch. Love the synth programming. Great pulsating pad chords at various points which I am jealous of!

Constructive Comments: The drums need to have a greater presence for my money. Can’t decipher whether the bass is real or keys. Would love also to hear a major change in there somewhere be it a key change of major change of instrumentation to keep me glued.

Loose Jing 2 by Marc S. Pate

Marc S. Pate

Broadjam Artist: Marc S. Pate
Song: Loose Jing 2

Reviewer: HarryBudini

Positive Comments: It’s a one guitar show, the guitar is all there is in this blues instrumental, but it’s an impressive guitar playing, so you don’t feel like there’s something missing – it’s very smooth and dynamic, it says what it has to says and then just go away, in 1 minutes 24 seconds, and they’re a pleasant time.

Constructive Comments: Nothing to say. It’s good as it is.

FOREVER ISN’T SOMETHING I CAN DO by Patti and Beau Burt, Kim Kelley

Patti and Beau Burt, Kim Kelley

Broadjam Artist: Patti and Beau Burt, Kim Kelley


Positive Comments: * Sweet vocal harmonies* This could be a great country classic* Universal message… good feeling* Nice lyrics and guitar solos

Constructive Comments: + recording appeared to be unclear+ song could have a slide guitar in this genre+ intro didn’t set me up for a country love song+ I don’t listen to alot of country, but this fits this genre for me

Far From Home by B. Greg Colburn Jr.

B. Greg Colburn Jr.

Broadjam Artist: B. Greg Colburn Jr.
Song: Far From Home

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Gorgeous guitar intro! And the vocal performance is just as good. Both have superb engineering. What a great vocal performance and voice. You’ve got a tremendous mood and evocative lyrics going. Think of what Sturgill Simpson would do with this…

Constructive Comments: I’d skip the second phase of the guitar intro where it gets busier. It makes it too long and you don’t want to introduce too much side theme. Overall I’d back off the busy guitar work and focus on chords & strumming to allow the song to prevail (of course your picking is very good). “come alive” the melody/phrasing/singing drops off a bit. I’d rework that to make it stronger. same with that phrase after “the place is gone”. I think you need a bridge and a chorus sections in G to bring a big lift, using harmony vocals and a female voice in the harmony. This is a fantastic start. I’d like to provide the chorus & bridge parts if you’re interested. Actually I’d like to produce and arrange another version of this…