Here Among Us by Michael Patrick Hogan

Michael Patrick Hogan

Broadjam Artist: Michael Patrick Hogan
Song: Here Among Us

Reviewer: Billy Pilgrim

Positive Comments: This thing is flat out perfect. Great instrumentation and production work best when the song champions that exceptionalism… and this song does that perfectly. Great, dynamic builds and a flow that has motion throughout the entire piece keeping things interesting the whole time. Big time stuff here.

Constructive Comments: More, more!Take good care,Billy

The Lost Dutchman Trail by Jim Pfeifer

Jim Pfeifer

Broadjam Artist: Jim Pfeifer
Song: The Lost Dutchman Trail

Reviewer: Billy Pilgrim

Positive Comments: What a great tune. The human/breath elements of whistling and harmonica in this piece really give it an unusual character that makes this thing really stand out. And also lend it a western flavor that is light-hearted and kinda fun in spots. Bravo all around!

Constructive Comments: Great stuff. I enjoyed it all and the production was truly on spot.Take good care,Billy


Martie Echito

Broadjam Artist: Martie Echito

Reviewer: Billy Pilgrim

Positive Comments: What a great message for the youngsters. Heck, a great message for us all. And since we’re asked to say something nice: this song is flat-out fun, hooky, and has you singing along on the second chorus. And what?… a key change at the end to pump it up real nice. The kids have gotta love this thing. The kid in me sure does.

Constructive Comments: Love it, love it.You take good care, Billy

Strange Fruit (Smooth Jazz) by Bill Dake

Bill Dake

Broadjam Artist: Bill Dake
Song: Strange Fruit (Smooth Jazz)

Reviewer: Brenda Craven

Positive Comments: OK…the intro reminded me of Charlie Brown. Loved the piano and bass line on this. Wonderful jazz piece. Kudos to you and your musicians. I also loved your descriptive comparisons you used in your lyrics. Great job on this!

Constructive Comments: No critique.

Take Me (duet) by Marc S. Pate

Marc S. Pate

Broadjam Artist: Marc S. Pate
Song: Take Me (duet)

Reviewer: Margie & Art Corey, S. & Al Corey

Positive Comments: Hmmmmmmm?? All I can say is WOWZA!!!!! This is terrific!!! What a beat and musicianship!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE VOCALS!!! Why….and just a little more practice…LOL YOU ARE OVER THE MOON….PEOPLE!! Can’t wait to find out who you are…I will be your Number One Fan from now unto eternity!!!

Constructive Comments: NOT A ONE!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Redefined (Radio Edit) by Adam Avery

Adam Avery

Broadjam Artist: Adam Avery
Song: Redefined (Radio Edit)


Positive Comments: * beautiful lead and backing vocals* lyric has a strong universal message* 12/8 feel flows & builds throughout* Be lifted up with this song!

Constructive Comments: + no intro (even 2 bars can set mood/feel etc)+ drums come in nicely on chorus but the sound quality changes (like a lower quality mp3 track) + nice guitar fills throughout+ fades out too fast

Just Another Day by Marc S. Pate

Marc S. Pate

Broadjam Artist: Marc S. Pate
Song: Just Another Day

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Fantastic acoustic guitar tone in the intro. I know I really like this tune but there are major issues going on noted below. I hope I get a chance to review this after corrected.

Constructive Comments: There are MAJOR clashes going on with the guitar and keys once the verses come in. Some of it’s electronic/tone and some of it’s note clash. You gotta fix this asap. The hammer on riffs that come in before the verses are clashing all by themselves, like there’s a buzz in the tubes.

A Whiskey In The Morning / Rock by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: A Whiskey In The Morning / Rock

Reviewer: Antho

Positive Comments: Very cool sounding guitar idea – ripe for a lyricist/singer to run with. The melodies lend themselves to a great song in the making

Constructive Comments: I’d like to hear the part up until 0:32 played on a nylon string acoustic, and the rest of the song on a guitar with a little bit of midrange drive, like through a Vox.