Clue by Richard Walker

Richard Walker

Broadjam Artist: Richard Walker
Song: Clue

Reviewer: Patrick E. Muth

Positive Comments: ok nice start. tell the truth. nice job on pretty much anything.

Constructive Comments: Good Work. Keep On Truckin. I would have liked a break in the middle of this song. think about it. take it off down the highway and then back to the trail of love. Keep That Musical River Flowin, We’re ALL listening!===========================catnip pat========================

The Second Hand (2014 Remix) by Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Roberts
Song: The Second Hand (2014 Remix)

Reviewer: David Austin

Positive Comments: I am not an expert in this genre, but I thought this was a well crafted rock song.

Constructive Comments: The singer was very good, but I thought that the potency of this track might have sounded slightly better with a singer who had a deeper rougher voice.

Snowy Mountain Stream by Patrick E. Muth

Patrick E. Muth

Broadjam Artist: Patrick E. Muth
Song: Snowy Mountain Stream

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Nice behind the beat vocal phrasing and a classic melody/phrasing here much like “Shake Rattle n’ Roll”.

Constructive Comments: Take the effects off the guitar. Listen to Humber Sumlin or Otis Rush for a classic Chicago vibe–clean and dry with a bit of bite. I’d start with the full rhythm section. The guitar solo isn’t very bluesy–again clean up the tone and go for simple phrasing with statement and repetition leave space in. There are a number of timing issues. This could be a really fun tune–the bones are there. Make it tight, concise, and clean!! All IMO of course.

A Life In Question / Soundtrack by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: A Life In Question / Soundtrack

Reviewer: Rin Vinson

Positive Comments: Even though there aren’t any lyrics or vocals on this song, it has a clear, pronounced hook. A great one at that. For some reason I visualize a scene in a movie, tv show, and or ad that would be a night time time frame. Possibly raining. The groove the drums and bass are laying down is simple and fat (in a great way). The guiro is a nice touch.The guitar playing and tone are excellent. Once again…very simple but completely effective. The recording, composition, mix, and master are all high grade and professional. Thanks for sharing.

Constructive Comments: Nothing negative to say. I listened three times and I can’t find anything I would change. I would keep my eyes open for a placement that has to do with night time. I enjoyed the track very much and I think it should do well for you.

Pulsar by Jim Haye

Jim Haye

Broadjam Artist: Jim Haye
Song: Pulsar

Reviewer: Nigel Barrett

Positive Comments: Lots of energy but lacking real punch. Love the synth programming. Great pulsating pad chords at various points which I am jealous of!

Constructive Comments: The drums need to have a greater presence for my money. Can’t decipher whether the bass is real or keys. Would love also to hear a major change in there somewhere be it a key change of major change of instrumentation to keep me glued.