Beyond This Life by Signal 30

Signal 30

Broadjam Artist: Signal 30
Song: Beyond This Life

Reviewer: Rin Vinson

Positive Comments: The simple piano lulled me in quickly. Even though there are no lyrics I feel like there is a hook in the song…a musical hook and I think the musical hook is strong. The tempo is nice and the composition is nice. I would say there is a majestic sound overall. This piece would lend itself to many visual situations and should do fairly well for you. The recording is decent quality, the mix is very good, and the master sounds nice and full. Nice job.

Constructive Comments: I would say that although I do like the piece, I think that the “ah” vocals and the strings have, possibly, too much of a computer driven sound to them. The piano sounds nice and natural to my ears. I think some better sounding vocal and string patches would help this song immensely because it is a very well composed song. Thanks again for sharing and good luck.

Waiting by Richard Walker

Richard Walker

Broadjam Artist: Richard Walker
Song: Waiting

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: Great voice, crystal clear performance of a love song. The instrumentation suits the song well you did a really nice job on this easy-listening track. I think it’s great when the recording and mix are so clear you can understand every word the artist sings. Great job!

Constructive Comments: The chord progression reminds me of an old song: “Do you want to know a secret? Too Rah Loo…Do you promise not to tell…Too rah loo.” It seems to me like you “borrowed” it or sort of duplicated it, which might be a coincidence. Probably not enough to be a copyright infringement but noticeable nevertheless. The only thing I would suggest for this song is a little more creativity and depth in your lyric writing. You are on the right track keep up the good work.

Funkifyno by Paul Messina

Paul Messina

Broadjam Artist: Paul Messina
Song: Funkifyno

Reviewer: Brenda Craven

Positive Comments: Perfect tempo, and this kept me moving through the whole piece. This is well orchestrated. Kind of reminds me of a mix of disco, R&B and Jazz…Almost retro late 70’s early 80’s, but that’s a good thing. Nice sax solo and your instrumentation choices on this piece work well together. It kept me moving throughout from beginning to ending. Well done. I loved every minute of it.

Constructive Comments: The only critique I have would be to lessen your reverb just a tiny bit on this. At times, some of the instrumentation “bleeds” together a little which can make it difficult to distinguish what each instrument is doing, but it’s not something that is seriously damaging the integrity of the song. You’ve done a beautiful on this. Keep composing…very impressive.

Save The World by Mitch Siegal

Mitch Siegal

Broadjam Artist: Mitch Siegal
Song: Save The World

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: I really really like this song. It’s so different, and so fun in an understated way. It’s a Hero Song and the Hero is a man on a mission. As soon as he gets the girl (or maybe even before), he’s out to celebrate happiness and all the good vibes in life, not letting the sadness defeat him as he soars through the night sky, no cape needed. Walking barefoot on hot coals, he seeks his true love on the other side…what a guy! I like the reference to “The strength God gave me.” Obviously, how could this super-hero continue without that? Even though the production is simple, the recording is clear and I understood every word.

Constructive Comments: You have a quiet voice in this song, and as I said before, a very understated performing style. I wonder what this song would sound like with a whammy-vocal and beefed-up production? It might spoil it I don’t know. But your idea and your lyric writing are fresh and fun, and I wish you every success. Drop me one of your super-hero stickers next time you fly over Florida.Mrs. Kate

Better When It Was A Dream/ Rock Lo-Fi by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: Better When It Was A Dream/ Rock Lo-Fi

Reviewer: FRED GROSS

Positive Comments: Nice bright recording. Could definitely be used for soundtrack purposes or music synching to something like TWC. I think a little more bass would help, but its nice the way it is.

Constructive Comments: Not much to say here. It gets a little repetitous after about 2 minutes.

Save The World by Mitch Siegal

Mitch Siegal

Broadjam Artist: Mitch Siegal
Song: Save The World

Reviewer: Jimmy Joe Lee

Positive Comments: I was pleasantly surprised with much of this recording as you can tell by Excellent and near Excellent marks. Im far more eager to explain my criticism as that’s what stands in the way of my judging this a knockout. The overall sound is strong and very listenable. Even though the track is extremely repetitive, it wears well. It’s mesmerizing. Thats meant as a positive.

Constructive Comments: The problem for me with this recording can be corrected easily. I had to work to understand the lyric. Even then I missed 90% of it. The snippets that I got suggest to me the subject matter and probably the lyric is very good. I, however, can’t be sure. Does the singer have a good voice? I don’t care if the emotion is communicated. I, again must say don’t know. And like other aspects, the bits I could get, sounds like the singer can and maybe did, deliver a performance worthy of the song. I would love to get my engineer on this. I think it could be a real gem.


David Austin

Broadjam Artist: David Austin

Reviewer: Marc S. Pate

Positive Comments: I like the cycle of chord changes you do the end of each verse. Nice little story, well done!

Constructive Comments: You do a good job with this one, but maybe a bridge or chorus to change things up a bit would add some dynamics. Keep up the good work.

A better world (stand by me) by Marc Rosselet

Marc Rosselet

Broadjam Artist: Marc Rosselet
Song: A better world (stand by me)

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Great driving beat with an urgent tambourine and chord progression that gives a tragic mood. I can’t quite understand the lyrics but the melody and phrasing work so well I know the lyrics are good. This sounds like Billy Corgan / Smashing Pumpkins if he were a better songwriters.

Constructive Comments: There’s so much chorus on the guitar it makes the sound very thin. The guitar break at 1:57 totally doesn’t fit the song at first but then what you end up with *does* give a strong bridge. The finish of the tune doesn’t match the vibe you’ve created. I think there are a number of things to fix and glue together better but there is a great song here and some really cool things going on. Overall I think the sound is too trebly and the vocal diction needs to be clearer. Some sweet harmony vocals would be a great addition.