Separate Roads by Billy Pilgrim

Billy Pilgrim

Broadjam Artist: Billy Pilgrim
Song: Separate Roads

Reviewer: Brenda Craven

Positive Comments: Nothing like the sound of a Rhodes. Everything here is outstanding. You have done a terrific job on this song. Great piece, Great composition. I was waiting for a key change and a very noticeable break in the song and you certainly did not disappoint. Bravo!

Constructive Comments: No critique.

Just Another Day by Marc S. Pate

Marc S. Pate

Broadjam Artist: Marc S. Pate
Song: Just Another Day

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Fantastic acoustic guitar tone in the intro. I know I really like this tune but there are major issues going on noted below. I hope I get a chance to review this after corrected.

Constructive Comments: There are MAJOR clashes going on with the guitar and keys once the verses come in. Some of it’s electronic/tone and some of it’s note clash. You gotta fix this asap. The hammer on riffs that come in before the verses are clashing all by themselves, like there’s a buzz in the tubes.

Earth to Angel by Vicki Lee

Vicki Lee

Broadjam Artist: Vicki Lee
Song: Earth to Angel


Positive Comments: * unique lead vocals* song has memorable chorus/hook* lyrics have a strong universal message * simple instrumentation & nice chord changes* could be a movie “message” piece

Constructive Comments: + production is clear but mono track stereo sound-field can help each instrument stand out+ doubled vocals loses clarity in lyric at times+ chorus vocal is strong: but a unique instrumental part or lead-line to go along with chorus would help it stand apart from rest of the song

START YOUR ENGINES! (Inst.) by Martie Echito

Martie Echito

Broadjam Artist: Martie Echito

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Slick and badass intro!! It almost sounds like tabla drums coming into a Bollywood groove but then it goes Jeff Beck. There’s some hot guitar playing going on here.

Constructive Comments: The guitar has way too much gain on it–it’s coming through really raspy. You’ve got an octaver on it too during the riffs, no? It’s a cool guitar part but you gotta clean up the tone some it comes through tight and heavy but with a good presence.

Moments Long Forgotten by Randy Calligan

Randy Calligan

Broadjam Artist: Randy Calligan
Song: Moments Long Forgotten

Reviewer: Tristyn Leach

Positive Comments: very nice acoustic sounding story folk song , melancholy and sweet. brilliant productionnice deep sound, very good natural vocals and sound. the female vocals coming in was a lovely touch , very nice adds another dimension to the track,, its a lovely sweet song through and through

Constructive Comments: nothing to add here. really nice song.

Joy to Be a Mother by Kate Carpenter

Kate Carpenter

Broadjam Artist: Kate Carpenter
Song: Joy to Be a Mother

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: This sounds like a classic from the 60’s like Holly Near. Nice happy mood, and very clear conviction in the performance!!

Constructive Comments: The overall sound is bit murky, like maybe this was transferred from tape? Nevertheless it’s got a good vinyl vibe. The vocals get a bit pedantic at the cost of a more flowing phrasing and musicality.

Zero Gravity by Mitch Siegal

Mitch Siegal

Broadjam Artist: Mitch Siegal
Song: Zero Gravity

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Just listened to this tune by Mitch the other day and already gave it five stars!! Great melancholy mood from the get go with the minor 7 > dom9 almost Bossa Nova chord changes. Vocals have a bit of a Sting vibe. The first lifting chords in the chorus are a super change up. LOVE the first guitar break–that’s so tasty I can’t stand it–the solo, tone, changes and mood. Those backup vocals aren’t obvious on the first listen, and damn they are cool. Outstanding work Mitch!

Constructive Comments: I’d like to year your voice in a last raspy, strained take. We know you can sing so well so this is just a question of desired approach. The Sting reference kinda says it–I don’t like Sting (lol). I’d like to hear you do this with a smoother more detached vocal–it would be a slight change, what you have is really really good as is. What about doing the chords on a nylon string for a smooth slinky feel. Check out Luisa Maita for an example ( And listen to some of her studio work–she and band are fantastic, and this song has just the vibe that I can hear yours with: Your song could have this deep melancholy and mystery.

After 8 by Billy Pilgrim

Billy Pilgrim

Broadjam Artist: Billy Pilgrim
Song: After 8

Reviewer: Jon Babb

Positive Comments: I really enjoyed the early 90’s feel to this track — very nostalgic. Just the pads, instrumentation and style of this song is enough to make anyone happy. You seem to play around with quite a few different effects too which I like! I really miss hearing this sort of music and it makes me long for the glory days of 90’s TV. Are you sure you’re not Bruce Hornsby?

Constructive Comments: There is not much that I find wrong with the track, although I think the keys could use more reverb to give it a fuller sound. I would also suggest adding some background vocals — even synth vox or oohs and aahs to keep the nostalgic mood that the song expresses. I think the track as a whole is well arranged, but sometimes the spacey pads distract me a bit. Overall well done!

Rewind (Instrumental) by CaiNo


Broadjam Artist: CaiNo
Song: Rewind (Instrumental)

Reviewer: Rin Vinson

Positive Comments: This tune builds so well! Electric piano intro grabbed me right away. The HH and congas with a ton of verb got the groove chugging, and then some nice bass playing gave some support. Extremely cool, moody piece of music here. Originality scores are high on this piece. Visually I could see this piece doing well in many areas. The recording is organic and sounds nice and real. The mix is perfect and the master sounds like a professional job. I really enjoyed the song. Thanks for sharing.

Constructive Comments: The only and I mean ONLY thing I would say about this song to critique it is that the strings at the end might not need to be there. Other than that, I loved it and I would like to hear more. Very enjoyable. The groove is happening.