The way we were by The Trouts

The Trouts

Broadjam Artist: The Trouts
Song: The way we were

Reviewer: Cooper Scotti

Positive Comments: This had a real Beatles like vibe to it! I really liked that old psychedelic sound I can imagine some pretty sick visuals for this

Constructive Comments: There seems to be a lot going on between all the instruments and the singing maybe cut out a few instruments and just put less stuff in

My Eyes / Country Alt by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: My Eyes / Country Alt

Reviewer: amy abernathy

Positive Comments: You had a great singing voice. The tune was nice, I enjoyedhe styling of the music, it could cross over to other genres.

Constructive Comments: I thought the intro should be shortened a little, maybe after the first bar cut in in half. Maybe layer it with another guitar lick would fill in some of the gaps in the music. it’s a good song, just needs a little more production. You could make the chorus a little longer. These are just sugestions to make it better.

A Spiritual Journey by SPG~Man


Broadjam Artist: SPG~Man
Song: A Spiritual Journey

Reviewer: Good Advice

Positive Comments: This song is actually well arranged, and the “notes” of the different instruments compliment each other rather well, BUT…

Constructive Comments: …this song has a glaring weakness. All of the instruments in this song are too similar in tone. So while the notes compliment each other well, that compliment gets lost. The effect is instead of you adding all this parts to make the song fuller, are actually cluttering up the sound because everything is the same tone. If you went back and kept the notes, but separated the tone scale a little more it would make a dramatic difference to the overall quality of this recording.

as time goes by by GR


Broadjam Artist: GR
Song: as time goes by

Reviewer: Good Advice

Positive Comments: I really liked that you took the time to add some other instruments to a piano piece. It makes a world of difference.

Constructive Comments: I thought the ending was extremely abrupt and did not “complete the thought” that was the song.I don’t know how you recorded or mixed this, but to my ears the middle range of the piano sounded good, but the deepest and highest notes lacked the proper punch.

Rain by Teri Feaser

Teri Feaser

Broadjam Artist: Teri Feaser
Song: Rain

Reviewer: Good Advice

Positive Comments: The lyrics were pretty good and the vocals were very good, the basic melody was good as well, as was the recording.

Constructive Comments: There were a couple things that hampered my ability to enjoy the song. It is a long song at 5:17, and the song kind of dragged along. I think this had to do because it was almost exclusively one sound throughout. The basic melody was good, but did not change much throughout the song. The vocals were good, but there was very little that differentiated any of the lyrics. The two times where you pluck the songs like rain drops and the storm sound effects weren’t enough to break the song up into different sections from a “sound” perspective.Speaking of the sound effects, the thunder effect was good, but the water effect was not. I did not sound like rain, it did not sound like water running out of a downspout, it sounded like someone filling a cup from a faucet, so you might want to revisit that sound effect.Overall it is a good effort, but the finish product I think would greatly benefit from a few more musical embellishments to accompany the main melody and something to differentiate the chorus vocals from the verses.

Different Tracks 2017 by Bob Bentley

Bob Bentley

Broadjam Artist: Bob Bentley
Song: Different Tracks 2017

Reviewer: tim meyers

Positive Comments: reminds me of the song breaking up is hard to do by Neil Sedaka. it is always difficult to break up. but the end of a relationship is only the beginning of another.

Constructive Comments: the song is a reminder that better relationships are ahead. be hopeful for these are the times to have hope. a good song indeed.

’57 Ragtop Chevrolet (#1 Country-Americana) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: ’57 Ragtop Chevrolet (#1 Country-Americana)

Reviewer: tim meyers

Positive Comments: many songs have been written about the 1957 Chevrolet. many of us have even been conceived in the back of a Chevrolet. it was a great car back then. now it is a classic. great song to remember the 50’s.

Constructive Comments: the experience of driving around in a Chevrolet came back to me. it was a pleasant reminder of a time when things were easier. song was very enjoyable.

MY GRANNY IS OLD by Toni Kimball

Toni Kimball

Broadjam Artist: Toni Kimball

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: This is a GREAT song about a grandmother. The lyrics are fresh, original, engaging and cute as the little kid singing it. I love the specific word pictures that are child-friendly, super-believable and as real as gets, from wrinkles to kleenex to lickin’s and prayer. Love that sweet emphasis at the end. This is a great song that has a LOT of potential.

Constructive Comments: No offense, but the vocal is in great need of improvement. There are WAY too many pitch issues. I know it’s a kid’s voice, but there are some kids who can sing without making you wince. Find one and re-do this song, or work with this vocalist on improvement. The pitch does improve a bit after the key change. How about a few bars of instrumentation between the end of each verse and the chorus? I wasn’t real crazy about the instrumentation. Something a little simpler and folksy/kid-friendly might suit this song better.