christmas is a treasure by tim meyers

tim meyers

Broadjam Artist: tim meyers
Song: christmas is a treasure

Reviewer: Anthony Simmons

Positive Comments: Good mix, good diction, and I appreciate the structure of the music. keep up the good work.

Constructive Comments: Pay a little attention to your hook. Also work on your lyric format for example: Ver01, Hook, ver02, Hook maybe a bridge unless you are doing this as a conversation piece.

A Heartbeat Away (Instrumental) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: A Heartbeat Away (Instrumental)

Reviewer: Bobby Caputo

Positive Comments: Very pleasant piano piece with good progressions and melody. Nice recurring hook.

Constructive Comments: Kick drum in the intro especially harsh on it’s own as it is. I’d pull back or soften somehow. Piece kinda goes off the rails at 2:30…drums kinda the cause.

Crazy Talk by Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Broadjam Artist: Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)
Song: Crazy Talk

Reviewer: Bobby Caputo

Positive Comments: Excellent production well separated between the ears. Especially like the dominance of the drums in the beginning so when the screeching guitar comes in it is somewhat buried, but you know it’s there. This would be a great soundtrack travelling background.

Constructive Comments: The ending was feeble…a whimper…didn’t seem to fit.

No Time To Rest (Funky Vocal Mix), ft Leanne P by SRJ


Broadjam Artist: SRJ
Song: No Time To Rest (Funky Vocal Mix), ft Leanne P

Reviewer: Bobby Caputo

Positive Comments: Thought this was gonna be more bug music, but then the vocal came in and it turned into some pretty great disco music. Very nice recording and a real vocal contrasting the structured background.

Constructive Comments: Maybe some more dynamics on the vocal…seems to get dominated late in the song by the swishing and patter.

Banana Apocalypse by HarryBudini


Broadjam Artist: HarryBudini
Song: Banana Apocalypse

Reviewer: Trinity

Positive Comments: This definitely comes under the banner of quirky, and has a feel of Primus about them. I can see they obviously had a lot of fun recording this track, or perhaps a single artist, to be honest I find this sort of track hard to review as it has a definite niche market. I would be somewhat curious to see what else they have.

Constructive Comments: This is one of those tracks that fits into a certain critique and would be very divisive in the open market, the lyrics were somewhat hard to make out, with the word ‘banana’ being the only one I could make out. It is definitely unique, but I personally don’t get the ‘comedy’. Tracks such as these are very difficult to market, as they can only sustain a limited amount of listens, as do most ‘novelty’ songs. This is not for me, as it relies too much on strange noises and effects to make it possible. I think it is so much better to find the song, and apply the quirks, rather than play around in a studio and add later.

She’s The Only One by Powerklash


Broadjam Artist: Powerklash
Song: She’s The Only One

Reviewer: Trinity

Positive Comments: This song hits you right from the start, with a nice drop in the verse and build up in the chorus with nice harmonies. Whether this is an individual artist recording just himself or a full band the blend works very well. I am a great fan of dynamics in a songs, as I have said in most of my reviews, and this makes very good use of them.

Constructive Comments: This sounds like it would work very much in a film, the style has a definite New Wave feel, but can be a little derivative, that for me is no bad thing, and I think with bands such as Green Day still rocking the spiky up front style it definitely has a strong market potential, as well as working extremely well in a soundtrack.