The Wonder Of Autum by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: The Wonder Of Autum

Reviewer: Brenda Craven

Positive Comments: I love this piece. Very relaxed feel to this song. Great instrumental choices and the bass on this is spot on. Nice mix and production. All around great song.

Constructive Comments: Since this song is rather short, I’m assuming this is for ad submissions. I would love to hear what you could do with as a full length piece.

Aire In A Minor by Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance

Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance

Broadjam Artist: Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance
Song: Aire In A Minor

Reviewer: Jon Babb

Positive Comments: This track is quite amazing. I love the violin segments — an excellent way to add depth and dimension to the track as a whole. The guitars are well played, and if you’re the one playing everything you have some extraordinary talent. I get so used to hearing fake instruments it’s refreshing to hear some live instruments for a change.

Constructive Comments: The recording is well done, but I think it could use just a few small adjustments to give it a fuller sound. I’m not an expert at mastering, but it sounds as if it could use more in the high end. But other than that the reverb and everything else is excellent. Well done on this song and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

“Winterland” for Two Pianos by Shao Suan LOW

Shao Suan LOW

Broadjam Artist: Shao Suan LOW
Song: “Winterland” for Two Pianos

Reviewer: Jon Babb

Positive Comments: What an excellent piece. You have quite a bit going on throughout the entire song, and I love your classical style. I almost get a 1940’s vibe while listening to this. If only I had the skills you possess on the piano! I’m not sure how much of the song is improvised, but you have certainly put in a lot of thought in the arrangement and I can see this being used in media of all types.

Constructive Comments: The only thing I would add to the track is to give it just a little bit of reverb, but not too much. There are many programs out there that offer very high quality reverb, but either way this song is well done. Producing music like this is difficult and I admire your efforts. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Beyond This Life by Signal 30

Signal 30

Broadjam Artist: Signal 30
Song: Beyond This Life

Reviewer: Rin Vinson

Positive Comments: The simple piano lulled me in quickly. Even though there are no lyrics I feel like there is a hook in the song…a musical hook and I think the musical hook is strong. The tempo is nice and the composition is nice. I would say there is a majestic sound overall. This piece would lend itself to many visual situations and should do fairly well for you. The recording is decent quality, the mix is very good, and the master sounds nice and full. Nice job.

Constructive Comments: I would say that although I do like the piece, I think that the “ah” vocals and the strings have, possibly, too much of a computer driven sound to them. The piano sounds nice and natural to my ears. I think some better sounding vocal and string patches would help this song immensely because it is a very well composed song. Thanks again for sharing and good luck.

Amil by Shane “Q” Colquhoun


Broadjam Artist: Shane “Q” Colquhoun
Song: Amil

Reviewer: Jon Babb

Positive Comments: I can picture a theater play with someone playing this song in the background as the people act out their scenes. I even get a Twin Peaks vibe from this, which is great. There is definitely a big need for background music like this in media. Your attention to detail is great and I hope to hear more music like this in the future.

Constructive Comments: I don’t have much to complain about. I suppose the only thing I would improve on is perhaps adding more instruments to the mix as a whole. The piano is pretty dominant throughout the whole track, so perhaps a flute could take over the lead for a segment or perhaps a sax. Just something to consider, but overall this is a great song.

Funkifyno by Paul Messina

Paul Messina

Broadjam Artist: Paul Messina
Song: Funkifyno

Reviewer: Brenda Craven

Positive Comments: Perfect tempo, and this kept me moving through the whole piece. This is well orchestrated. Kind of reminds me of a mix of disco, R&B and Jazz…Almost retro late 70’s early 80’s, but that’s a good thing. Nice sax solo and your instrumentation choices on this piece work well together. It kept me moving throughout from beginning to ending. Well done. I loved every minute of it.

Constructive Comments: The only critique I have would be to lessen your reverb just a tiny bit on this. At times, some of the instrumentation “bleeds” together a little which can make it difficult to distinguish what each instrument is doing, but it’s not something that is seriously damaging the integrity of the song. You’ve done a beautiful on this. Keep composing…very impressive.

At Last I Know by John Hazlett

John Hazlett

Broadjam Artist: John Hazlett
Song: At Last I Know

Reviewer: Jon Babb

Positive Comments: Definitely feel like I just walked into a saloon, well either that or I’m watching a silent movie. This certainly has potential to be used in TV. The arrangement is simple but effective at what it does — which is to give life to a film or TV show scene. In this case I think you’ve done well and I hope to hear more from you in the future.

Constructive Comments: There isn’t much of a resolution to the song as it ends abruptly with no real finisher. But other than that I think I may have used a different instrument for the piano — something like a honky tonk to give it more of an authentic ragtime sound. Overall though You have done really well and I love to hear unique music like this.

Better When It Was A Dream/ Rock Lo-Fi by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: Better When It Was A Dream/ Rock Lo-Fi

Reviewer: FRED GROSS

Positive Comments: Nice bright recording. Could definitely be used for soundtrack purposes or music synching to something like TWC. I think a little more bass would help, but its nice the way it is.

Constructive Comments: Not much to say here. It gets a little repetitous after about 2 minutes.

Voyage of the Sea Witch (Parts 1 – 5) by Ron D Bowes

Ron D Bowes

Broadjam Artist: Ron D Bowes
Song: Voyage of the Sea Witch (Parts 1 – 5)


Positive Comments: Good overall production. the idea is good, there are inteesting guitar licks and tempo changes

Constructive Comments: seem, s to me more an excercise, than a proper song.there is no melody only guitar soloing which is good but for the 10 and more minutes is too much