Time To Celibrate Christmas by John Hazlett

John Hazlett

Broadjam Artist: John Hazlett
Song: Time To Celibrate Christmas

Reviewer: Billy Pilgrim

Positive Comments: Ahhh, the holidays. Hurry up will ya? And it’s songs like this that make me excited and build anticipation for the great time of the year. With the bells, chimes, big pipe organ… this thing has the soft and light along with the big and bold. And it all works just right.

Constructive Comments: Nice work for sure.You take good care,and what the heck… Happy Early Holidays!Billy

Loose Jing 2 by Marc S. Pate

Marc S. Pate

Broadjam Artist: Marc S. Pate
Song: Loose Jing 2

Reviewer: HarryBudini

Positive Comments: It’s a one guitar show, the guitar is all there is in this blues instrumental, but it’s an impressive guitar playing, so you don’t feel like there’s something missing – it’s very smooth and dynamic, it says what it has to says and then just go away, in 1 minutes 24 seconds, and they’re a pleasant time.

Constructive Comments: Nothing to say. It’s good as it is.

Here Among Us by Michael Patrick Hogan

Michael Patrick Hogan

Broadjam Artist: Michael Patrick Hogan
Song: Here Among Us

Reviewer: Billy Pilgrim

Positive Comments: This thing is flat out perfect. Great instrumentation and production work best when the song champions that exceptionalism… and this song does that perfectly. Great, dynamic builds and a flow that has motion throughout the entire piece keeping things interesting the whole time. Big time stuff here.

Constructive Comments: More, more!Take good care,Billy

Come On Over by FRED GROSS


Broadjam Artist: FRED GROSS
Song: Come On Over

Reviewer: Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance

Positive Comments: I really liked the interplay between the two rythm guitars. Nice lead breaks, totally hot effect on the intro lead got my attention immediately. Perfect quality for the lead vocal. Nice easy blues pace. Great instrumental mix, nothing was dominating over the vocal, and the guitar and organ leads came to the front. I wanted to hear more. You know your genre’.

Constructive Comments: I have nothing constructive to offer, you “nailed” it.

The Lost Dutchman Trail by Jim Pfeifer

Jim Pfeifer

Broadjam Artist: Jim Pfeifer
Song: The Lost Dutchman Trail

Reviewer: Billy Pilgrim

Positive Comments: What a great tune. The human/breath elements of whistling and harmonica in this piece really give it an unusual character that makes this thing really stand out. And also lend it a western flavor that is light-hearted and kinda fun in spots. Bravo all around!

Constructive Comments: Great stuff. I enjoyed it all and the production was truly on spot.Take good care,Billy


Martie Echito

Broadjam Artist: Martie Echito

Reviewer: Billy Pilgrim

Positive Comments: What a great message for the youngsters. Heck, a great message for us all. And since we’re asked to say something nice: this song is flat-out fun, hooky, and has you singing along on the second chorus. And what?… a key change at the end to pump it up real nice. The kids have gotta love this thing. The kid in me sure does.

Constructive Comments: Love it, love it.You take good care, Billy

Wasted Days by Richard Walker

Richard Walker

Broadjam Artist: Richard Walker
Song: Wasted Days

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: It just hit me–this sounds like a lost Traffic tune!! The vocals remind me of Nick Drake too. That groove is a classic Traffic beat, and of course you’ve got both killer piano work and organ in there. Love the vocal timbre, vocal phrasing & melody, Wurlitzer electric, acoustic piano, organ and slinky drum beat, all of which are really well engineered too. Excellent lyrics. I really dig this –nice work!

Constructive Comments: I’d drop the acoustic alone part of the intro–the acoustic guitar sound is a bit “piezo”, and I don’t like the lead guitar lines that you pickup with because it’s got a happy, jam band sound that doesn’t fit with the mood that dominates most of the tune. I’d really like to hear you rework it starting right out with the keys. And get away from bang-dang-a-lang quitar strum rhythm that’s more Greatful Dead. I think the bass could drive the beat a bit more working close with the drums instead of following along after the beat. This would a tremendous amount of energy I bet. Nice work!

Take Me (duet) by Marc S. Pate

Marc S. Pate

Broadjam Artist: Marc S. Pate
Song: Take Me (duet)

Reviewer: Margie & Art Corey, S. & Al Corey

Positive Comments: Hmmmmmmm?? All I can say is WOWZA!!!!! This is terrific!!! What a beat and musicianship!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE VOCALS!!! Why….and just a little more practice…LOL YOU ARE OVER THE MOON….PEOPLE!! Can’t wait to find out who you are…I will be your Number One Fan from now unto eternity!!!

Constructive Comments: NOT A ONE!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wonder Of Autum by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: The Wonder Of Autum

Reviewer: Brenda Craven

Positive Comments: I love this piece. Very relaxed feel to this song. Great instrumental choices and the bass on this is spot on. Nice mix and production. All around great song.

Constructive Comments: Since this song is rather short, I’m assuming this is for ad submissions. I would love to hear what you could do with as a full length piece.