START YOUR ENGINES! (Inst.) by Martie Echito

Martie Echito

Broadjam Artist: Martie Echito

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Slick and badass intro!! It almost sounds like tabla drums coming into a Bollywood groove but then it goes Jeff Beck. There’s some hot guitar playing going on here.

Constructive Comments: The guitar has way too much gain on it–it’s coming through really raspy. You’ve got an octaver on it too during the riffs, no? It’s a cool guitar part but you gotta clean up the tone some it comes through tight and heavy but with a good presence.

Beyond This Life by Signal 30

Signal 30

Broadjam Artist: Signal 30
Song: Beyond This Life

Reviewer: Rin Vinson

Positive Comments: The simple piano lulled me in quickly. Even though there are no lyrics I feel like there is a hook in the song…a musical hook and I think the musical hook is strong. The tempo is nice and the composition is nice. I would say there is a majestic sound overall. This piece would lend itself to many visual situations and should do fairly well for you. The recording is decent quality, the mix is very good, and the master sounds nice and full. Nice job.

Constructive Comments: I would say that although I do like the piece, I think that the “ah” vocals and the strings have, possibly, too much of a computer driven sound to them. The piano sounds nice and natural to my ears. I think some better sounding vocal and string patches would help this song immensely because it is a very well composed song. Thanks again for sharing and good luck.

Joy to Be a Mother by Kate Carpenter

Kate Carpenter

Broadjam Artist: Kate Carpenter
Song: Joy to Be a Mother

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: This sounds like a classic from the 60’s like Holly Near. Nice happy mood, and very clear conviction in the performance!!

Constructive Comments: The overall sound is bit murky, like maybe this was transferred from tape? Nevertheless it’s got a good vinyl vibe. The vocals get a bit pedantic at the cost of a more flowing phrasing and musicality.

Funkifyno by Paul Messina

Paul Messina

Broadjam Artist: Paul Messina
Song: Funkifyno

Reviewer: Brenda Craven

Positive Comments: Perfect tempo, and this kept me moving through the whole piece. This is well orchestrated. Kind of reminds me of a mix of disco, R&B and Jazz…Almost retro late 70’s early 80’s, but that’s a good thing. Nice sax solo and your instrumentation choices on this piece work well together. It kept me moving throughout from beginning to ending. Well done. I loved every minute of it.

Constructive Comments: The only critique I have would be to lessen your reverb just a tiny bit on this. At times, some of the instrumentation “bleeds” together a little which can make it difficult to distinguish what each instrument is doing, but it’s not something that is seriously damaging the integrity of the song. You’ve done a beautiful on this. Keep composing…very impressive.

After 8 by Billy Pilgrim

Billy Pilgrim

Broadjam Artist: Billy Pilgrim
Song: After 8

Reviewer: Jon Babb

Positive Comments: I really enjoyed the early 90’s feel to this track — very nostalgic. Just the pads, instrumentation and style of this song is enough to make anyone happy. You seem to play around with quite a few different effects too which I like! I really miss hearing this sort of music and it makes me long for the glory days of 90’s TV. Are you sure you’re not Bruce Hornsby?

Constructive Comments: There is not much that I find wrong with the track, although I think the keys could use more reverb to give it a fuller sound. I would also suggest adding some background vocals — even synth vox or oohs and aahs to keep the nostalgic mood that the song expresses. I think the track as a whole is well arranged, but sometimes the spacey pads distract me a bit. Overall well done!

Praises & Promises / Country Religious by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: Praises & Promises / Country Religious

Reviewer: Randal Dunkle

Positive Comments: I like the lead vocals and the sound of the drums and the keyboards as well – sounds a little like the Davy Jones of the Monkees.

Constructive Comments: Not a lot of negatives, I do think this song would sound better with a Saxophone solo instead of the keyboards – best wishes!

Snowy Mountain Stream by Patrick E. Muth

Patrick E. Muth

Broadjam Artist: Patrick E. Muth
Song: Snowy Mountain Stream

Reviewer: Margie & Art Corey, S. & Al Corey

Positive Comments: Like the sound of the intro guitar……… the jazz feel, very Hep!! I would like the vocal to be just a tad more out front! Somewhat hard to understand the lyrics…but they sound interesting!! Sounds a little like Mr. Hendrix, can’t get any better than that!! Great Job my friend!!! Let’s hear more!!! Wowza!!!

Constructive Comments: Maybe put the lead vocal out front a little more, love to know what you are saying in your Kool composition!! Love to hear more!! Keep up the HOT Music!!!

Watching Anime with Friends (demo) by Jeremy Shaskus

Jeremy Shaskus

Broadjam Artist: Jeremy Shaskus
Song: Watching Anime with Friends (demo)

Reviewer: SRJ

Positive Comments: * True to its genre using a wide range of electronic sounds and beats* The production qualities are high – good use of instrumentation and arrangement

Constructive Comments: * The melody on top of the chord progression sounds a bit child-like – but this could be intentional…

Travel by Cec Cain

Cec Cain

Broadjam Artist: Cec Cain
Song: Travel

Reviewer: Tyson the Young Gunna

Positive Comments: Vocals were clean, and mixed well. overall, the song had a positive vibe. very crisp mix.

Constructive Comments: lyrics and instrumental didn’t mesh. The beat was more of an amusement park type of vibe whereas the vocals were a little dark. maybe change the beat and rerecord. also some of the sounds in the beat were off, try using quantization before the final mix down. keep going tho I definitely feel where you wanted to go with it.