A better world (stand by me) by Marc Rosselet

Marc Rosselet

Broadjam Artist: Marc Rosselet
Song: A better world (stand by me)

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Great driving beat with an urgent tambourine and chord progression that gives a tragic mood. I can’t quite understand the lyrics but the melody and phrasing work so well I know the lyrics are good. This sounds like Billy Corgan / Smashing Pumpkins if he were a better songwriters.

Constructive Comments: There’s so much chorus on the guitar it makes the sound very thin. The guitar break at 1:57 totally doesn’t fit the song at first but then what you end up with *does* give a strong bridge. The finish of the tune doesn’t match the vibe you’ve created. I think there are a number of things to fix and glue together better but there is a great song here and some really cool things going on. Overall I think the sound is too trebly and the vocal diction needs to be clearer. Some sweet harmony vocals would be a great addition.

The Night Train (Instrumental V2 – from “Red Mesa Sunset”) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: The Night Train (Instrumental V2 – from “Red Mesa Sunset”)

Reviewer: Martie Echito

Positive Comments: Nicely done! Interesting combination of sounds and patterns. Like the chord changes and bringing instruments in and out at different sections. Great song for listening on a drive along the California coast…..miles and miles of ocean, blue sky, and positive energy. Nice job!

Constructive Comments: My thoughts are this: the piano sound is a full dynamic even at the softer touch passages. The part is played with dynamics, but the piano tone is bright, percussive, and “in your face” throughout. The instruments are good sounds, and well played….but very sequenced / midi sounding. That’s not a bad thing, but adding something organic to the mix might give it more of an earthy feel. Not major issues….just sharing what I hear. Hopefully, this will make sense to you, and not offend.

false or true by Cec Cain

Cec Cain

Broadjam Artist: Cec Cain
Song: false or true

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Very cool slick intro, with a loop that’s almost cheating the beat by a hair so it has a glitch vibe. Of course this sounds a LOT like Beck’s Loser, complete with lofi rap. But this is working all on its own. And the autotune gives a Jamaican rap vibe. There are a lot of wickedly cool things going on like the Jazzy R&B Rhodes chords that sound like Diggable Planets or The Roots. Nice work!

Constructive Comments: In the B section you lose the cool a bit. The phrasing and rhymes are kinda DJ Jazzy Jeff ie very old school rap that’s a little bit goofy. I think you really need to rework that so that it keeps the cool going.Where this is working it’s dope (I don’t use that term but felt I had to here). Get this thing all at that level.

Beyond This Life by Signal 30

Signal 30

Broadjam Artist: Signal 30
Song: Beyond This Life

Reviewer: Rin Vinson

Positive Comments: The simple piano lulled me in quickly. Even though there are no lyrics I feel like there is a hook in the song…a musical hook and I think the musical hook is strong. The tempo is nice and the composition is nice. I would say there is a majestic sound overall. This piece would lend itself to many visual situations and should do fairly well for you. The recording is decent quality, the mix is very good, and the master sounds nice and full. Nice job.

Constructive Comments: I would say that although I do like the piece, I think that the “ah” vocals and the strings have, possibly, too much of a computer driven sound to them. The piano sounds nice and natural to my ears. I think some better sounding vocal and string patches would help this song immensely because it is a very well composed song. Thanks again for sharing and good luck.

Heavy Mother’s Date 2016 by Jeremy Shaskus

Jeremy Shaskus

Broadjam Artist: Jeremy Shaskus
Song: Heavy Mother’s Date 2016

Reviewer: Billy Pilgrim

Positive Comments: Cool and laid back groove is topped off with a unique organ melody that works well. The acoustic instrument music bed gives the organ lead plenty of space to jump around and have fun. Good stuff for sure.

Constructive Comments: I really enjoyed this. Perhaps some compression on the master bus to hold things together and smooth things out a bit, but sounds real fine as is.You take good care,Billy

Travel by Cec Cain

Cec Cain

Broadjam Artist: Cec Cain
Song: Travel

Reviewer: Tyson the Young Gunna

Positive Comments: Vocals were clean, and mixed well. overall, the song had a positive vibe. very crisp mix.

Constructive Comments: lyrics and instrumental didn’t mesh. The beat was more of an amusement park type of vibe whereas the vocals were a little dark. maybe change the beat and rerecord. also some of the sounds in the beat were off, try using quantization before the final mix down. keep going tho I definitely feel where you wanted to go with it.