Cola Nuts by Jeff Maguire

Jeff Maguire

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Maguire
Song: Cola Nuts

Reviewer: Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat

Positive Comments: what a fresh sound. very different. dissonance is a good thing if you know what your are doing.

Constructive Comments: I enjoyed this new sound. It reminds a little of Jazz Fest in New Orleans at the end of the day when Im a little sloshed and all the sounds running together.Should be able to get this placed easily.Catnip Pat=+=

Out of Step by Janet Murphy

Janet Murphy

Broadjam Artist: Janet Murphy
Song: Out of Step

Reviewer: David J. Hentosh

Positive Comments: This has a very nice feel, the lead guitar fits and is performed very well. The vocal quality is good and establishes a nice mood.

Constructive Comments: I felt the mix could be adjusted with a little more presence on the lead guitar and vocal because everything seems to be mixed to the same level keeping them a little too far back.

Far Away part 3. Reunion by artmuz


Broadjam Artist: artmuz
Song: Far Away part 3. Reunion

Reviewer: Massimo Carola

Positive Comments: Quite powerful. And surprising. the change of mood is great. Very good for an opening or a trailer. I like the sound of the choir. Very Hans Zimmer like. There is a great knowledge of the music writing in that song and I feel there is a lot of work to make that great recording. I don’t really know if there is a potential in that but I like it

Constructive Comments: I like the recording but for such a big ensemble I couldn’t feel the sheer power of it. And there are some strange discrepancies in the space of the song. Sometimes the music sounds a bit stiff like an excess of quantizing. And there is a part in the beginning that seems out of the mood. But take my notes as a first listening impression.

Lovers and Friends (Instrumental) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: Lovers and Friends (Instrumental)

Reviewer: Massimo Carola

Positive Comments: The song is well laid out and there are some good ideas in the writing. All is well played even if I would like to hear less quantizing. The arranging is well conceived and all the parts fit. I feel that the piano is very important in the beginning and the development of the organ is an important part of the song.

Constructive Comments: While I was listening I was always thinking that the piano is too loud. And the quantizing of all the instruments felt a bit annoying, too stiff. I heard a lot of good notes but overall I was lacking variety.The sound in overall is good but there is an enormous space for improvement especially if you use such a traditional instrument ensemble. Work on the mixing and the ambients. I would try to make the arranging more surprising and less repetitive.

Once in a While by Jeff Ashbaker

Jeff Ashbaker

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Ashbaker
Song: Once in a While

Reviewer: Massimo Carola

Positive Comments: I like a lot the song. Great singing. And the arrangement is almost perfect. If this is a modern country music I like it. The female voice in the second half is a pleasant surprise too.And the fiddle is wicked. It’s a good demo in every aspect.

Constructive Comments: I would like to hear the presence of the female voice a bit at the beginning of the song. It’s a surprise but maybe is too much of it. I was thinking that the song is too wide as a genre.

Crazy by Paul Krans

Paul Krans

Broadjam Artist: Paul Krans
Song: Crazy

Reviewer: Massimo Carola

Positive Comments: It’s a very easy song to remember. Great form, all the things are in place. I feel this has a potential. The energy is good.

Constructive Comments: I would like to hear a bit more of energy out of the backing track, sometimes I feel the rhythm is a bit bland. Also sound too familiar to be a huge success. Needs a touch more of originality. But It’s a great work, anyway.