Clue by Richard Walker

Richard Walker

Broadjam Artist: Richard Walker
Song: Clue

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Sweeing classical piano arpeggios and a very nice baritone voice that sounds a lot like Nick Drake! I actually heard this before and know it’s Richard. The lyrics are strong and profound. This is a really wonderful vocal performance with great timbre and a compelling sense of urgency and conviction.

Constructive Comments: My first suggestion the other day was “think Seal”. I would stick by that. I would really like to hear this with a grooving Pop beat and more pep, less ballad. If you stayed in this vein the piano sound is just a tad too midi and missing acoustic richness of a room and natural harmonics from strings being hit in the air. The sections are a bit pasted together feeling at the moment–it may be that you’re going into the bridge too soon?

Come On Over by FRED GROSS


Broadjam Artist: FRED GROSS
Song: Come On Over

Reviewer: Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance

Positive Comments: I really liked the interplay between the two rythm guitars. Nice lead breaks, totally hot effect on the intro lead got my attention immediately. Perfect quality for the lead vocal. Nice easy blues pace. Great instrumental mix, nothing was dominating over the vocal, and the guitar and organ leads came to the front. I wanted to hear more. You know your genre’.

Constructive Comments: I have nothing constructive to offer, you “nailed” it.

Bathing Beauties by Jeff Ashbaker

Jeff Ashbaker

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Ashbaker
Song: Bathing Beauties

Reviewer: Castle-Eye (Michael Casali)

Positive Comments: This tune has a nice Jimmy Buffett vibe to it. It sounds like the beach…I like the words, “I wonder what I could see/hear if I could see/hear

Constructive Comments: Are you using a D in the bridge, G,D,G,A? I might try substituting the D for a b minor. Cool Tune..

The Like by Ian Graham

Ian Graham

Broadjam Artist: Ian Graham
Song: The Like

Reviewer: FRED GROSS

Positive Comments: This could definitely fit into a film score, country video. Recording was fairly good. Guitar work was good. Nice tune for just an acoustic and vocal. Keep up the good work!

Constructive Comments: Nothin gmuch here to add. In certain parts, the vocals seemed to rush a little, timing was off.. But you can get away with that since it was only a guitar and vocals track.

The Night Train (Instrumental V2 – from “Red Mesa Sunset”) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: The Night Train (Instrumental V2 – from “Red Mesa Sunset”)

Reviewer: Martie Echito

Positive Comments: Nicely done! Interesting combination of sounds and patterns. Like the chord changes and bringing instruments in and out at different sections. Great song for listening on a drive along the California coast…..miles and miles of ocean, blue sky, and positive energy. Nice job!

Constructive Comments: My thoughts are this: the piano sound is a full dynamic even at the softer touch passages. The part is played with dynamics, but the piano tone is bright, percussive, and “in your face” throughout. The instruments are good sounds, and well played….but very sequenced / midi sounding. That’s not a bad thing, but adding something organic to the mix might give it more of an earthy feel. Not major issues….just sharing what I hear. Hopefully, this will make sense to you, and not offend.

Praises & Promises / Country Religious by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: Praises & Promises / Country Religious

Reviewer: Randal Dunkle

Positive Comments: I like the lead vocals and the sound of the drums and the keyboards as well – sounds a little like the Davy Jones of the Monkees.

Constructive Comments: Not a lot of negatives, I do think this song would sound better with a Saxophone solo instead of the keyboards – best wishes!

false or true by Cec Cain

Cec Cain

Broadjam Artist: Cec Cain
Song: false or true

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Very cool slick intro, with a loop that’s almost cheating the beat by a hair so it has a glitch vibe. Of course this sounds a LOT like Beck’s Loser, complete with lofi rap. But this is working all on its own. And the autotune gives a Jamaican rap vibe. There are a lot of wickedly cool things going on like the Jazzy R&B Rhodes chords that sound like Diggable Planets or The Roots. Nice work!

Constructive Comments: In the B section you lose the cool a bit. The phrasing and rhymes are kinda DJ Jazzy Jeff ie very old school rap that’s a little bit goofy. I think you really need to rework that so that it keeps the cool going.Where this is working it’s dope (I don’t use that term but felt I had to here). Get this thing all at that level.