It’s You I by Bobby Caputo

Bobby Caputo

Broadjam Artist: Bobby Caputo
Song: It’s You I

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: I needed a song to put a smile on my face this evening and your song did that beautifully. This song is a cousin to “My Favorite Things” (thematically, that is). But it’s so fun and amazing! The fresh word pictures and rhymes make this song so real. You feel like the artist is singing about a REAL PERSON, not a made up Nashville figment of his imagination. Vocals/lyrics were crystal clear. I didn’t need to click on song lyrics to understand what the performer was singing. Instrumentation suits song beautifully and the mix is perfect.

Constructive Comments: No suggestions for improvement. Just keep on writing terrific songs like this. You definitely ought to have a devoted fan base with this kind of material in your repertoire!

Kettle Black (Selsky/Dunkle) by Randal Dunkle

Randal Dunkle

Broadjam Artist: Randal Dunkle
Song: Kettle Black (Selsky/Dunkle)

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: This song has an angry, piercing vibe, almost scary to listen to. I suppose it would be great music to put in a Haunted House at Halloween time. It’s quite unsettling. Whoever created the effects knew what he/she was doing. High marks for creativity there. Definitely belongs in the horror category.

Constructive Comments: The lyrics were unintelligible. I had to click on song lyrics to understand anything at all. Something about the pot calling the kettle black, which is an interesting theme.

no limit by allison bolton

allison bolton

Broadjam Artist: allison bolton
Song: no limit

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: Here’s a song with a unique message: Basically – keep up with me or go home, which is a very unique topic. The songwriter sticks to the theme beautifully throughout the whole song. The only one you feel sorry for is the one left behind. The harmonies remind me of the Beach Boys. The vocals are nicely sung and expertly mixed. I like the “pep in your step” and the glue lyric. Nicely done.

Constructive Comments: How about a couple more seconds of introduction? This might fit well into a movie if you can find a character that it fits.

C’mon Lets Dance by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: C’mon Lets Dance

Reviewer: amy abernathy

Positive Comments: It had a nice bouncy groove to it, not sure it was country. It was fun, very short to be a song, maybe it was for a movie scene.

Constructive Comments: I don’t know if needed to be mixed or maybe turned down a little there was something that did not seem smooth to the ear. It had a cool bouncy tone.