What’s Going On by Vittorio Bianchi

Vittorio Bianchi

Broadjam Artist: Vittorio Bianchi
Song: What’s Going On

Reviewer: Kevin Leon Smith

Positive Comments: This is a top notch version of Marvin Gaye’s song! Your arrangement and instrumentation keeps this song alive and fresh! The vocals are clear and on point. Chopped up the pre chorus nicely! Great mix on the instruments as well! Drums and sax parts are holding it down without any by-products! This song is what’s going on! great job!

Constructive Comments: There is not one thing I could possibly suggest to improve this song. Every aspect of instrumentation, arrangement and production are excellent, so I rated it accordingly. Yet, it is a challenge to type in a 5 star constructive comment on what feel is an excellent song. Keep up the good works, B# and you will C!

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