Manners Rap by Kate Carpenter

Kate Carpenter

Broadjam Artist: Kate Carpenter
Song: Manners Rap

Reviewer: Kevin Leon Smith

Positive Comments: This is a great funky tune for the kids! Should not be a problem to place this song in a kid show! Great mix all around: Vocals, instrumentation, and arrangement. Great lesson lyrics on top of a funky beat with an assortment of effects on the backing vocals! Inspires me to take a crack at making songs for kids shows!

Constructive Comments: What could I possibly suggest on a great rap song for kids about manners? Heck, you covered flatulance in the song quite well so you’re pretty much bulletproof as far as I’m concerned! Yeah, the singer does not spit her lyrics Cardi B yet she’s in key and on point! Tell them kids to B# and they will most definitely C!

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