One More by Veronica Beltran Hintz

Veronica Beltran Hintz

Broadjam Artist: Veronica Beltran Hintz
Song: One More

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: Some people can take make a guitar/voice recording and WOW, that’s all it needs. This is one of those songs. I’ve heard a lot of country love songs, but this one is really special. It comes across as sweet and sincere. (A good love song like this makes you wonder how she could EVER think of leaving a guy like this, ha ha). There are some very clever lyrics in there…like the line with care and carry in it. That’s a good one. But my very best favorite is: You’re the reason I am me…You’re the love in every song.” Total winner lyric. Great vocal performance, excellent guitar work, terrific mix. Well done! Bravo!

Constructive Comments: I think a few of the rhymes come across as a bit overused and trite, like right/night/tight. need/plea. But the song is really good and I think you performed it beautifully!

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