Crazy In Love (Rock Version) by Teri Feaser

Teri Feaser

Broadjam Artist: Teri Feaser
Song: Crazy In Love (Rock Version)

Reviewer: David James

Positive Comments: Great intro. I like use of backing vocals in the intro and as answer lines it’s is very effective. Very melodic, strong, catchy chorus. Solid riff and great musicianship all round. The lyrics are excellent. Strong vocals in fact the vocal arrangement is stunning.

Constructive Comments: I’ve marked down the quality of the recording because the overall sound is fuzzy. It needs some serious remastering. There is also a strange squeak at the very end of the song that needs to be sorted. But otherwise a really strong song with excellent commercial potential.

Born Again by Top Dead Center

Top Dead Center

Broadjam Artist: Top Dead Center
Song: Born Again

Reviewer: WiLdH0rSe

Positive Comments: Now that’s some rock and roll you got going there. Listen to Sabbath much? -) If so, you definitely got the memo on what made them great. A great song structure, not too much crazy guitar solo crap, and your AWESOME vocalist. Add to that some really intense rhythm guitar, so so important in this type of song. LOVED the harmonizing guitar stuff. A stellar effort and I’m off to see what else you guys can do. Professional all the way. Hope your out gigging too!

Constructive Comments: This is one of the moments I wish I was a producer. You guys need a serious 5 star studio to record in. It costs megabucks though. I had to read the lyrics, they were difficult to understand which really sucked becuase the vcals were sooo dynamic!

Pretty Girl by Mindless Sound Records,LLC

Mindless Sound Records,LLC

Broadjam Artist: Mindless Sound Records,LLC
Song: Pretty Girl

Reviewer: WiLdH0rSe

Positive Comments: I’m not one for instrumentsls. I have to remark that the playing and writing/compostion is top rate. Excellent guitar work, very easy to listen to, not flashy and nice and trashy! 🙂 The beat is also nice and easy, everything falls back nicely on to it. A worthy effort.

Constructive Comments: I really hope you have some heavier stuff with lyrics. It’s great musicianship. I had a very hard time hearing the bass and it sounds middle-heavy EQ-wise. But who’s going to head to The Record Plant to record something for Broadjam. Any effort I would make on Broadjam would sound a lot worse, for sure lol.

Santa Cruz / Hard Rock by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: Santa Cruz / Hard Rock

Reviewer: WiLdH0rSe

Positive Comments: Very nice feel, seems to need more … of the song. In other words, it’s more of a song concept. A promising one too. The amp noise at the beginning is cool, sort fo that raw AC/DC touch. It sounds like it could be a basis for a real hot song!

Constructive Comments: Like I said, maybe write more of it? I don’t really have any negative things to say. So what if there’s no stars for that! 🙂 Keep the faith and keep playing and writing!

Venomous by Snake Eye

Snake Eye

Broadjam Artist: Snake Eye
Song: Venomous

Reviewer: David James

Positive Comments: Great introduction. The tune is very dynamic. The musicianship is excellent. I love the way the bass and drums kick in at 0.14. Strong chord progression. The drum track is particularly strong. Worth pitching for opportunities for hard rock instrumentals.

Constructive Comments: The mix showcases the excellent drum track but I would have liked the rhythm guitar to be slightly higher in the mix. Overall though a very strong piece of work.

The Great ‘Dying by SPG~Man


Broadjam Artist: SPG~Man
Song: The Great ‘Dying

Reviewer: David James

Positive Comments: It’s a really lovely theme, hence my high mark for the hook. I like the fact that this is just a stripped back instrumental. The tune has an insistent quality that conveys real emotion and as such has genuine commercial potential.

Constructive Comments: Although the recording is crystal clear, I feel there is too much attack in the production, which gives harshness to what should be a subtle piece. For that reason I’ve marked down the recording quality. I’m not a producer but perhaps the application of compression could soften the sound. Having said that I like the tune, and it might be worth having 30 and 60 second versions for use in advertisements and TV.

The Day I Fell In Love by Jeff Ashbaker

Jeff Ashbaker

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Ashbaker
Song: The Day I Fell In Love

Reviewer: Massa

Positive Comments: Good story but it tended to meander along and the melody got a bit tedious The slide is outstanding, beautifully played and an exquisite tone that gave the fills some real strength

Constructive Comments: The pitch in the male vocal seemed to struggle in the lower register and I think could benefit from going up at least a half step maybe even a full step Lots of emotion in the lyrics but the ch/hook never really pulled me in

Lucky One by Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor

Broadjam Artist: Keith Taylor
Song: Lucky One

Reviewer: Massa

Positive Comments: Captivating intro, nice picking and a good riff. Vocals come in smoky and cool. Good story interesting There’s a lot to like about this . Ch is singable and the hook is reasonably good

Constructive Comments: I don’t as waiting for the ch to go off and I think it could with some more production. This is a ch that’s dying to to grab you and take you away. If money allows go into the studio and get some players to really smack it out and I think you’ve got a winner