Off The Map by Amy Otey

Amy Otey

Broadjam Artist: Amy Otey
Song: Off The Map

Reviewer: Good Advice

Positive Comments: I liked the energy you brought to this song. All the instruments and the vocals were really well recorded. For the most part the arrangement was pretty good, wasn’t a huge fan of the back to back instrument solos in the middle there, but all in all pretty good.

Constructive Comments: I knew before the vocals ever started that this recording had serious issues. The instruments were so loud I knew there was no way there was any room for the vocals in the mix and that they would be drowned out. I was right, you got a low mark in lyrics because I could only hear about a third of them.The balance is so out of whack among all the parts that it really hurts your song to the point of distraction. I was near impossible to focus on things like arrangement and song construction and lyrics because of the bad levels. It is such a shame because all the instruments and vocals all appear to be well recorded. You have to pay attention to that. when everything is just as loud as it can be, everything just gets drowned out. The horn was the worse and loudest of all the things in the mix. it was as if you performed this song in concert and issued everyone their own horn player to stand next to everyone to play directly into their ears. That is how obtrusive it was! It was a fine element, well played, well recorded, fit with the song, and it was just so damn loud in a sea of other too loud instruments. Of all the recording errors to make to not be able to adjust the volumes and achieve a balance is a rookie mistake compared to the otherwise high quality of everything else going on. I hope you take the time to fix it, because I would never want to hear this again the way it is right now, and I liked the song from what I heard.

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