Humans in HEAT by Peter G Olach – PGO

Peter G Olach - PGO

Broadjam Artist: Peter G Olach – PGO
Song: Humans in HEAT

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Sounds like ZZ Top with a touch of Jimi thrown in for good measure, cool song , solid groove, vocal tone is perfect for this type of tune … Billy and Jimi give it a big thumbs up.

Constructive Comments: Overall this is really solid, vocals are right there, guitar is very nicely played, no fluff notes, bass/drum groove is solid and supportive. Two hopefully constructive suggestions would be :1:) Shorten into, it really does sound like an instrumental at first and most peoples attentions spans are not necessarily long.2:) There’s one change at about one minute that’s kind of a pretty descending chord melody line that , while it is a nice line, to my ear sounds out of place. It only happens once and just doesn’t belong in this tune … IMO . Great solid, rockin tune overall.

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