When I Think About You (#1 Male Vocal) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: When I Think About You (#1 Male Vocal)

Reviewer: Anxious Rabbit

Positive Comments: Memorable hook – Nice groove – Good tempo – Pretty decent Musicianship – Retro Almond Brothers – The Band

Constructive Comments: Sorry, but the mix felt very imbalanced, not serving the song best interest of the song – Have it mixed by a pro $150 to $300 depending – Absolutely worth the difference – A Pro would never have let those lead vocals go out that way – A decent effort by the singer, but far too many flat notes! And. vocals should never be in competition with the track – And or individuals instruments should never step on one another. Over all this song could be at a much higher level if mixed better. And sometimes we have to let our ego go, and have a pro demo singer, get the job done – Go ahead and do a take for yourself, your family and friends – But allow a pro to take your song to the next level – if – you’re hoping for a cut or at the very least a Sync placement – The expectations are very high when submitting to a Music Supervisor or and A&R type! If none of that is why you’re writing and recording than don’t bother. But, if your hoping for commercial results changes must be made! Cheers!

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