Remember When (Pop Instru) by Steve Dafoe – Songwriter

Steve Dafoe - Songwriter

Broadjam Artist: Steve Dafoe – Songwriter
Song: Remember When (Pop Instru)

Reviewer: Edmond Allmond

Positive Comments: This is a really beautiful piece. I’ve played it several times. The choices of instruments is perfect, I think. The melody is so wonderfully, beautifully simple. Instantly hummable. That is, to me, so important for a song. Your audience can come away singing and humming the melody or parts of it. It’s a happy melody that will keep a smile on everyone’s face. Also, the drums are mixed in perfectly, I think. They add just the right amount of punch and rhythmic flavor.Thank you!

Constructive Comments: I really like this song. From my experience, strings are difficult to place in a mix pocket. at just about 2:10, the strings are pulled back enough to make a difference. This makes them really sweet. Also, when playing the string lines, imagine playing the violins, the cellos, violas… that will help you voice them as strings and not as a keyboard.The strings tend to be really bright in this mix and dominate this beautiful song. I would pull them back a bit and even throw a notch EQ on them to cut a small bit of the brightness. That could really help.Also, this is not an Avante Garde piece. Put it in its right category. it deserves to be heard.I dunno… finding a mastering plugin that allows mastering dips could be really helpful. I know it’s helped me, and I need to redo some of my music for the same reason. I use the Waves trifecta that’s recommended. L2 Ultrmaximizer,Linear phase multiband, linear phase EQ. My biggest issue is to remember to put up reeeeeally high quality MP3s. Thanks for writing this sweet piece of music.

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