Hopefully………… by Trinity


Broadjam Artist: Trinity
Song: Hopefully…………

Reviewer: Edmond Allmond

Positive Comments: The choice of instruments and voices is very nice. Intriguing! I can see this piece being picked up for placement somewhere. I like its straight-forward simplicity. Within that accessible structure is a lot of creative depth and good emotion. the upper voice is haunting. The repetition grabs you. I like the choice of the male voices for the short punchy obligato. Good stuff!

Constructive Comments: The mix. A piece like this is made perfect by the mix. That requires doing some meticulous mastering. Let each voice have more of a pocket in which to live. I hope that this comment is proper, because often a good mix can be hidden by conversion to MP3 if the MP3 is not a high enough resolution. Anyway, I really enjoyed your music. Thank you for putting it here for us to enjoy!

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