Hammer Down by Howard Delnick

Howard Delnick

Broadjam Artist: Howard Delnick
Song: Hammer Down

Reviewer: Anxious Rabbit

Positive Comments: Liked Tempo felt – Liked concept – Memorable hook – Decent musicianship!

Constructive Comments: So much depends on why your writing and recording – for fun? to share with friends? In hopes of obtaining a cut on an artist album or get a Sync placement in a Film – T.V. show or National Ad Campaign ? With that said – Assuming it’s more than a hobby – You want the most professional presentation of our song possible right? Have a pro-Demo house produce your track! Utilize a pro Demo singer – Have the song professionally Mastered. But first make sure you’ve confirmed what you are having demo’d is what the Music industry is expecting. This song has a major dis-connect [ unfortunately ] working against it’s self. The Musical “Movement” [ interlude ] that comes directly after the first chorus, feels completely out of place – like it’s from another genre or song it does not gel with the rest of the song. That absolutely needs to be addressed and a Pro Vocalist need to be hired. Again if you are hoping for a cut. The bar is very high in the ways of expectations of production. It’s not like is was 20 or even 30 years ago when a real raw demo could be submitted – expecting a Producer or A&R type might think “Oh i know what to to with this!” Those days [ for the most part ] don’t exist any more. They want and expect high quality – lyrics – production [ even if stripped down ] and vocals that are nearly a mastered mix, if not mastered. Good songs don’t cut it any more, hey have to be great to qualify for an Album cut. However the bar isn’t quite as high for a Sync placement,..but nearly. So you must boost your level of presentation, in order to meet current expectations. Or just keep doing what you’re doing for you and your friends! But over all, a fun song! Keep doing what you love!

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