Half The Night by Scott Tingley

Scott Tingley

Broadjam Artist: Scott Tingley
Song: Half The Night

Reviewer: Anxious Rabbit

Positive Comments: Positive approach lyrically and vocally – Good musicianship – Fun Tempo – Artist? Jimmy Buffet ?

Constructive Comments: Questionable Mix! Levels were way off. Please spend the money $100 to$ 300 [ depending ] and have a pro mix your song. When the track is [ at times ] in competetion with vocals or select instruments are just too high or too low in the mix, it frustrates the ears of those listening [ and your your hoping to get a cut, the A&R individual listening ] will start “tuning” out, and that’s no good. Vocals [ for the most part ] were on pitch! But there were spots where it faltered. Either use Melodyn [ an auto tune software ] during mastering, or higher a pro demo singer. Live signing has a different expectation than a recorded play back – there are no excuses for vocals that are even slightly off, when listening to a playback. This song has some real potential, but not in it’s current form. but that’s just my perspective! Keeping being true to you and weigh peoples opinions accordingly! FYI i don’t sing most of my demo’s, it does serve the best interest of the song, which i’m hoping to have cut either by an Artist or placed in either a film – TV show or major add campaign! Cheers

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