Famous Faces ( Acoustic) by Donovan Tucker

Donovan Tucker

Broadjam Artist: Donovan Tucker
Song: Famous Faces ( Acoustic)

Reviewer: Marie Jarreau

Positive Comments: This song just hit it right out of the park for me from the first measure!! A great dance tune, or rockin’ down the dusty country road in the pick-up! The guitar work is excellent, the beat is enticing, the production right on time and clear as a bell. The subject matter is relative to everyone that I know and would be the basis for a great Sit-Com series of its own! I can hear it as opening song to a TV show. Can’t wait to hear it on the radio! Great job on this tune. Please do some more! Definitely adding this to my Playlist! Soon as I figure out how to do that:o)

Constructive Comments: Please submit this one to some of the TV opportunities. Some lucky show producer is sure to grab it! I can’t hear anything that could improve on this song! The production sounds very professional, maaaaybe stick in a bit more of a guitar solo. Otherwise I think folks are going to love this tune!

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