Rooster by Rooster


Broadjam Artist: Rooster
Song: Rooster

Reviewer: Edmond Allmond

Positive Comments: This song is just way too fun. HAH! and making me darn hungry (its lunch time right now as I write this) What guitar is that I have on the left side of my brain? can’t quite identify it. I wanna say Tele, but I don’t know. Production value is great on this. Fun Lyrics. This thing makes me smile! ooo boy, the second solo is way to cool! Good stuff!

Constructive Comments: For the mix, I’d use mastering dips to creat a leeeetle bit more separation between the guitars, and let each one have its a couple of frequency paths unique to each. Then, I’d create a small dip to cradle the bass and let it live large in the bottom of the whole song. It’s such a great bounce that the bass player has, I just want to bring out a bit more, let it be the big foot of the whole production. I love this song.

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