Red House by Jeff Maguire

Jeff Maguire

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Maguire
Song: Red House

Reviewer: Saebella

Positive Comments: I love the instruments at the beginning of the song. The genre is a great mixture of Rock and Blues. The lyrics and the hook especially give me the feeling of the Blues. I can picture this song being played in bars, clubs. I can also see this song on TV, or a Movie. Very versatile. and I love the twist at the end with your lyrics, “I know her sister will” Classic. Great song!

Constructive Comments: I love the part where you let the instruments have the spotlight. Reminds me of a classic blues song. The part in the middle of the song where you do a freestyle with the instruments is a little long. And I would have loved if you came back right after the freestyle a lil bit stronger with your voice or incorporate an instrument, something to give it that bam or boom.

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