I Can’t Complain by Sixty Miles Down

Sixty Miles Down

Broadjam Artist: Sixty Miles Down
Song: I Can’t Complain

Reviewer: Edmond Allmond

Positive Comments: This is an excellent piece of music. GREAT party piece. Great engineering, high production value. Good drive, great lyrics… fun premise to the story. I’ll just listen. Great stuff. Unique voice, beautiful guitar work. I really enjoyed this piece. Great length… everything is well thought out. I love that inital hit. BAM! Wakes you up and keeps you in the song.

Constructive Comments: lemme have more of that snare up front! foot is superbly placed and balanced. I guess I just like more snap in a rock snare. Master with a leeeetle bit more separation for clarity and added brightness? THat’s what I’d do. I’d also get a little more separation between the voice and the beds in the intro. Damn, that foot is well engineered. That’s magic!

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