Animal by Tommy Stewart

Tommy Stewart

Broadjam Artist: Tommy Stewart
Song: Animal

Reviewer: Matt Mereu

Positive Comments: I like the feel of this tune. It has an inviting groove. Nice strong vocal delivered for the most part with the right amount of intensity. I really like the intro to the song. It really sets the mood right from the top. I really like the lyrics for the most part. Everything is well played for the most part. Nice bottom end.

Constructive Comments: There are a couple glitches in the recording of the song. For example, at 1:07 the word “hand” is distorted. I’m sure you’re aware of it. It’s minor but it does distract. From an arrangement perspective, I might consider varying the dynamics and instrument a little bit. Instead of having the that nicely played Les Paul (?) noodle throughout the tune, I might consider dropping things out a bringing them back in at appropriate times. The chorus could hit a lot harder that way. Nicely done overall.

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