Carry On by Raymond Garrobo

Raymond Garrobo

Broadjam Artist: Raymond Garrobo
Song: Carry On

Reviewer: Douglas Branson aka dB+1

Positive Comments: Very moody from the start. The instrumentation is good. I am going through a journey of soundthe mood has evolved into pensive and reflective for me. Seems like a good soundtrack for a scene / montage in a film. Digging the piano line. Enjoyed it. Original and not just more of the same. The rush of emotion in life leaves me this way in a flash of truth.

Constructive Comments: I think I would like to hear a little more mastering on the mix – the drums are good although could pop a little more. The simplicity with not over production is refreshing. Nicely done. Thank you. I look forward to hearing more from this writer and or band.

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