When I Fall In Love by DeDe Instrumental by DeDe WedeKind

DeDe WedeKind

Broadjam Artist: DeDe WedeKind
Song: When I Fall In Love by DeDe Instrumental

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Nice melodic smooth jazz sort of ballad, well done.

Constructive Comments: Piano comping is very nice, strings sound kind of stock in terms of lines and voicing’s but not bad, patches sound a little cheesy sticking out front like that …. it really needs a melody, so much so that I’m pretty certain this is just an instrumental version of a tune with vocals muted. Guitar player is getting nice tone but really not doing much, so I’d probably either have the guitar do a light percussive strike accented around 2, just brushing the chords, maybe ad the occasional slight alteration or flourish , or just take it out. It’s basically a piano tune, you could probably just guitar out without any loss of energy. But making the comping a little more percussive would not necessarily be a bad thing … IMO.

Wild Hounds Instrumental by PeeWeeStarr Production (Instrumental Artist)

PeeWeeStarr Production (Instrumental Artist)

Broadjam Artist: PeeWeeStarr Production (Instrumental Artist)
Song: Wild Hounds Instrumental

Reviewer: got duce ent

Positive Comments: overall good beat has a trap type feel to it with some texas swag i was feeling the breakdown on the second verse some outer space stuff good work keep grinding you’ll get there

Constructive Comments: like i said i think overall it was a good beat bt maybe you could of added a high snare to compliment the one there already