What Must I Do (Selsky/Dunkle) by Randal Dunkle

Randal Dunkle

Broadjam Artist: Randal Dunkle
Song: What Must I Do (Selsky/Dunkle)

Reviewer: Margie & Art Corey

Positive Comments: Wowza….What a terrific Rock Anthem sounding song!!! In-your-face huge Power Chords and melody, this tune musically is Spot-on!!! However…..I believe the Lead vocal could use some E-Q, I am having a difficult time understanding the words in places, so it’s hard to give the song a totally Over-The-Moon….Perfect score!! I think just make the Lead vocal clearer………and Voila…YOU HAVE A KILLER HIT!!!

Constructive Comments: Just E-Q the Lead vocal to hear the words and you’re Home Free! Still Love the tune!! Great Job!!!

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