Mediterraneo by Massimo Carola

Massimo Carola

Broadjam Artist: Massimo Carola
Song: Mediterraneo

Reviewer: Taurus

Positive Comments: Sounds great. Reminds me of Pat Metheny. I listened to this song several times – in the evening and in the morning.Really liked the subtle echoed repeat of the main hook.I can see a golden sunset on a countryside. The underlying, constant note (pad) is like the sun setting.Here are some words I use to describe this song: atmospheric, ambient, dreamy, catchy, heartwarming, introspective, nostalgic, reflective, sentimental, satisfied, contented, relaxed, laid back, peaceful, calm

Constructive Comments: Something sounded like a glitch or catch right about the 2:00 mark. Is it on purpose? It sounded like what I used to do to protect my music when posting songs online.I liked the change at 2:06 so much that I was hoping that you would go back to it. Other than that, I have no other points to add.

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