VICTORY (instrumental) by MGB


Broadjam Artist: MGB
Song: VICTORY (instrumental)

Reviewer: Kirsty McGee

Positive Comments: Great theme, enjoyable and stirring vibe. This could work really well and I think you’ve done a great job on this.

Constructive Comments: As an ex orchestral player I struggle with sample / keyboard sounds, but that’s just me and I know it’s not realistic to wish this was played by an orchestra with a kick ass brass section!It gets rather weighed down with the drums at 1.40 and I’d have liked to hear a B-section. It has a promising start but to be fair it does lack development and lightening up the drums, perhaps moving on to a lighter section in the middle (switch to something woodwind / piccolo led – take a listen to marching music & see what they do to change up a mid section). This will allow you to return to the glorious ‘theme’ for a sensational ending. take a listen to the change at around 1.35 to see what I mean (and the following drum solo)…I really like where you’re going with this and perhaps this theme is all you need if you’re looking for a short placement.

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