Kites In The County (from “Waving Prairie”) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: Kites In The County (from “Waving Prairie”)

Reviewer: Kirsty McGee

Positive Comments: Mesmeric, a bit hippy and an enjoyable and original lyric. This is one I could hear in something like ‘Patriot’ a series I really enjoyed. I liked the concept of basing the song around a single line (like the line of a kite) and thought you actually did a great job of holding attention for over 7 minutes in spite of my reservations (as detailed in the constructive comments)! I didn’t think I’d manage to listen to the end of this, but I did. And enjoyed it too. Nice work!

Constructive Comments: I think for most songs 7.15 minutes is too long, particularly for a song based around one chord…The second part of the intro could be reduced – it’s not till 0.38 till the voice comes in. 2.20 – 3.05 instrumental could also be reduced. 5.40 – 7.15 could also be cut down?The more frenetic guitar playing is too loud in the mix and whilst it creates the break the song needs it’s maybe a bit much. The drumming is good. You could tighten up the song but it would mainly be a few tweaks with the mix here and there. I noticed an opportunity that this seems to be made for in the licensing section looking for ‘folk songs’.

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