Humble pie by Massimo Carola

Massimo Carola

Broadjam Artist: Massimo Carola
Song: Humble pie

Reviewer: Kirsty McGee

Positive Comments: This is short but sweet and has a good feeling of menace. I like the fact that it builds adrenalin and creates a feeling of anticipation – especially as the anticipation is unclear and could indicate the approach of something bad or good – this increases its marketability in my opinion. You’ve used the chromatic scale nicely and I love the slightly ‘skewed’ chords you’re using.

Constructive Comments: I’d be tempted to change the sample on the ‘piccolo’ chromatic run ie. at 7 seconds. I like the part but the instrumental ‘voice’ bothers me – (maybe because I’m a flute player!) Most of your audience for this won’t be flute players however…

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