You Built Another Ghost by Warren Hein

Warren Hein

Broadjam Artist: Warren Hein
Song: You Built Another Ghost

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: This is like a KD Lang song and performance. Nice vocals and compelling lyrics with a very solid arrangement. The first verse really pulls you in with the story that’s painted very effectively with a few spare phrases.

Constructive Comments: You have a couple flattish ghosts–basically on ‘ghost’ when you reach high for it. A close listen and rework or re-do the melody so you don’t have to stretch so much? The line “lacked in confidence” is kinda dead due to work choice and the phrasing that results. It’s a hard phrase to make work in a conspicuous spot like that. The following high vocals sound machine generated and kinda weird. What about changing the key so you’re in your sweet spot? I think you need more 16th note activity in the arrangement to keep things active and interesting–more high hat, ride cymbal, *tambourine* and maybe a more jangly acoustic guitar part.

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