What You Do by Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Roberts
Song: What You Do

Reviewer: Blob_B

Positive Comments: This song made me think of so many CSI scenes that it would fit and other US TV shows. It sets the mood very quickly and then goes on to reinforce it throughout. I thought the arrangement was really good and not overworked so that it gave a good clarity to the song (if you’ll forgive the pun).It gets better with repeated plays as well so I think will be picked up. Definitely takes me back to 70’s prog rock which I hope was your intention. I have a preference for songs that have a definite end rather than fade and this song does so very appropriately.That simple lead in on the drums works very well too

Constructive Comments: On the first play, I thought the guitar break after the echoed “dreamed” was tripping over itself a little. After a couple of plays it sounds OK just not what I was expecting and I think it’s some incidental notes coming in in the right I’m not sure about – that might just be personal taste.Jury was out for a bit on that much reverb on the tom, when it comes back, but now yes that does work well.All in all a terrific song and I’ll not be at all surprised to see it in the chart listings. Thank you for letting me review your music I hope it is well received by the Broadjam community. Peace and love

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