It Just Doesn’t Matter by The Woodmen

The Woodmen

Broadjam Artist: The Woodmen
Song: It Just Doesn’t Matter

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Big fat guitar sound in the intro!! This is very classic rock with hints of Boston in the tight harmonized leads, and with the guitar arrangement with organ it’s making me think of Rainbow most of all. I guess you’re trying to pull Aerosmith in too with the “Janie went and got a gun” line. Really strong vocal performance–you’ve got a good tenor timbre that cuts through with the guts that a tune like this needs. The drop out/ punch of EV-RY-DAY is a great arrangement touch and very effective. The guitar sound is thick and enjoyable throughout. Excellent work on the harmonies. The middle section is adventurous and interesting with very competent and effective soloing. For hard rock junkies this is ear candy.

Constructive Comments: The drum sound is not where it needs to be. I think you need a fatter deeper kick and a busier high hat so there’s more groove. I’d plunk an ACDC drum groove in there to make it swing. I think you need to just pan the vocal dead center–I get what you’re trying to do but it’s the same vocalist and you don’t need a “physical” movement to get the sense of dialogue and argument that you want with the lyrics.I know you know this is a 30 years old sound. But there are people that still love it so if you find them all is well!

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