Goodbye Bad Woman Goodbye by Nick Coleman and Cole Crawford Hurst

Nick Coleman and Cole Crawford Hurst

Broadjam Artist: Nick Coleman and Cole Crawford Hurst
Song: Goodbye Bad Woman Goodbye

Reviewer: Ken Lehnig

Positive Comments: This is right up my lane. Singer/songwriter pouring out his angst will always win me over. You have captured that mid-America dust bowl flavor of the iconic folk singers. A lot of Texas singers know this, Nunn,Rusty Weir,David Allen Cole Jerry Jeff Walker comes to mind. You hit every marker for that style, from your pick, sound of your vocal, lyric choices and arrangement. This was a treat.

Constructive Comments: I don’t have any negative comments. It’s hard to critique a single guitar and vocal. You either have it our you don’t. You have it. I would offer some suggestions. You have the pickin’ and singin’ part down, one of the things that make this style of music zing, is the turn of phrase. The regional idioms in speech are used and twisted around in an ear catching clever way.Please be careful that if you do your stuff with a band that you keep what you have as a solo – don’t let a band overpower you. Thanks

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