Tamara by Nigel Barrett

Nigel Barrett

Broadjam Artist: Nigel Barrett
Song: Tamara

Reviewer: Charles Valona

Positive Comments: Nicely done. However, and I may be wrong, but I believe the drum/percussion parts are programmed either on a drum machine or drum loop of some kind. If so, imho, I would hire a realdrummer for your music. Even the little bit I heard I can tell that you have terrific ideas that warrant the use and the technical skills that a fine “live” drummer could offer.Also, the tune was a little slow in it’s build…I had to wait until 2:09 into the tune before something different and exciting took place. However, I’m no expert at judging anybody’s work or what they might have had in mind.You’ve got a nice sensitivity thing going on, stay with it. Best of Luck

Constructive Comments: The only thing I can say is maybe to vary the tune a bit more, maybe add a drop or two or a silent pause and also think about creating a little more tension?

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