reap what you sew by Peter G Olach – PGO

Peter G Olach - PGO

Broadjam Artist: Peter G Olach – PGO
Song: reap what you sew

Reviewer: Charles Valona

Positive Comments: OK you’re on to something here, nicely done. Reminds me a little of early Leo Kottke stuff. The acoustic guitar sound is clearly and nicely recorded. The tune might be a little Celtic sounding to me ? Americana yes, but country, I don’t know ? This is one of those tunes that are hard to pigeonhole 🙂 You’ve got a nice sense of rhythm, maybe try varying the idea(s) a bit more, I think you’ve got it in you 🙂

Constructive Comments: As for the arrangement…I would have liked to hear the harmonica play a more prominent roll in the music, ie…a harmonica solo. The way it moves in and out in short spurts is nice, but seems a bit distracting in that the harmonica never really gets a chance to shine ? Also, I’d have a bass line added to this as well. A fretless bass player playing some long notes and ideas that would support the acoustic chop of the guitar.I’m no expert, but I think you’ve got it going on. Best of Luck to you

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