In These Heels by Simon Finn

Simon Finn

Broadjam Artist: Simon Finn
Song: In These Heels

Reviewer: MGB

Positive Comments: Some of the best lyrics I’ve run across in a long time. A work with a very strong message to be very proud of. Nice back up vocals and really good arrangement. Very refreshing song. Great work.

Constructive Comments: You’ll get a lot of bad reviews about a song like this. Funny, cause I was just reading a conversation on Broadjam between a hip-hop artist who used a lot of foul language and a Christian who was damning their song all to hell for the use of profanity. But one thing, they had in common—-men having sex with men is wrong! At one time, I was homophobic myself, but I’m so glad I wised up and I now realize that telling others how to live their lives is nothing short of terrorism. It’s wanting everyone to live their life like you, and a total unwillingness to accept that someone can be different. I wish you the best of luck with this song, and obviously, it won’t be used in a Disney movie, but if you keep trying with this, somebody will certainly find a placing for it. Incredibly intelligent lyrics!

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