Night Of Love (Orchestral Mix) by Bob Bentley

Bob Bentley

Broadjam Artist: Bob Bentley
Song: Night Of Love (Orchestral Mix)

Reviewer: amy abernathy

Positive Comments: I loved the soft guitar licks in the intro of the song. You have a very pretty voice and you sang the song with lots of emotion. I could see this working in a relgious film or for an artist in the CCM. I don’t know if I would classify this as Country, it is more a Contemporary Christian song.I love songs that praise God, I enjoyed listening to it.

Constructive Comments: There were parts of the song that i felt needed a little more lyrics. it seems like you repeated the chorus alot, which praise music does.Also there were parts of the song where I could not understand your words, so make sure your words are clear when singing. You have a great voice.

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