reap what you sew by Peter G Olach – PGO

Peter G Olach - PGO

Broadjam Artist: Peter G Olach – PGO
Song: reap what you sew

Reviewer: Charles Valona

Positive Comments: OK you’re on to something here, nicely done. Reminds me a little of early Leo Kottke stuff. The acoustic guitar sound is clearly and nicely recorded. The tune might be a little Celtic sounding to me ? Americana yes, but country, I don’t know ? This is one of those tunes that are hard to pigeonhole 🙂 You’ve got a nice sense of rhythm, maybe try varying the idea(s) a bit more, I think you’ve got it in you 🙂

Constructive Comments: As for the arrangement…I would have liked to hear the harmonica play a more prominent roll in the music, ie…a harmonica solo. The way it moves in and out in short spurts is nice, but seems a bit distracting in that the harmonica never really gets a chance to shine ? Also, I’d have a bass line added to this as well. A fretless bass player playing some long notes and ideas that would support the acoustic chop of the guitar.I’m no expert, but I think you’ve got it going on. Best of Luck to you

Tamara by Nigel Barrett

Nigel Barrett

Broadjam Artist: Nigel Barrett
Song: Tamara

Reviewer: Charles Valona

Positive Comments: Nicely done. However, and I may be wrong, but I believe the drum/percussion parts are programmed either on a drum machine or drum loop of some kind. If so, imho, I would hire a realdrummer for your music. Even the little bit I heard I can tell that you have terrific ideas that warrant the use and the technical skills that a fine “live” drummer could offer.Also, the tune was a little slow in it’s build…I had to wait until 2:09 into the tune before something different and exciting took place. However, I’m no expert at judging anybody’s work or what they might have had in mind.You’ve got a nice sensitivity thing going on, stay with it. Best of Luck

Constructive Comments: The only thing I can say is maybe to vary the tune a bit more, maybe add a drop or two or a silent pause and also think about creating a little more tension?

Liberty Jam by FRED GROSS


Broadjam Artist: FRED GROSS
Song: Liberty Jam

Reviewer: Charles Valona

Positive Comments: Very nice ! The playing is terrific, the recording is well done, the only thing that’s missing is me playing on this track 🙂 just kidding…Seriously this is a nicely done track. Reminds me of Keiko Matsui’s stuff and others. Best of luck

Constructive Comments: I wish I could add something here in the way of some constructive criticism, but I’d be reaching at best. I think you’ve got a nice product.

There Goes My Baby / Rock & Roll by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: There Goes My Baby / Rock & Roll

Reviewer: RandBpro

Positive Comments: The song has a nice melody.

Constructive Comments: Some of the instruments were not tuned properly and I kept hearing jarring notes when the guitar and bass played the same note at the same time. You folks can play, but you really need to get those instruments tuned up. Whoever mixed it should have picked up on it right away. I would like to hear more from you because you have talent, but I don’t feel that this song is of good enough quality to present to a music supervisor.

Can We Love Again (Julia Schmidt Vocal) by Greg Lambert

Greg Lambert

Broadjam Artist: Greg Lambert
Song: Can We Love Again (Julia Schmidt Vocal)

Reviewer: RandBpro

Positive Comments: This song is really well done. The vocal is right on and the instrumentation and arrangement is tight. The theme of having a relationship falling apart and the desire to make it good again is universal and should resonate with the listeners. I could easily see this one on the radio or in a film or TV show if you can find the right person to pitch it to.

Constructive Comments: I didn’t see any weakness in this song. The lyrics were well crafted and the singer’s voice had just the right break in it to make the listener feel that she meant every word of it. Keep up the good work, folks.

Rockin On Saturday Night by Bob Bentley

Bob Bentley

Broadjam Artist: Bob Bentley
Song: Rockin On Saturday Night

Reviewer: RandBpro

Positive Comments: This song has the feel of an old time country tune and the arrangement and instrumentation are excellent. The song is well mixed and mastered. The theme of looking forward to seeing his girl on Saturday night is a common one and resonates with a lot of listeners. I think the song could appear on a TV show or in a movie.

Constructive Comments: Somehow the song had a sad feeling to it. It should have been joyful, looking forward to seeing his baby, but it just had more of bluesy feel to me. I kept waiting for the hook that said something like, “I know I’m only dreaming ’cause by baby left me last week”. It was a good song and well sung and played.

What Was Love is Now in Remission by Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

Broadjam Artist: Fire in the Sky
Song: What Was Love is Now in Remission

Reviewer: Randal Dunkle

Positive Comments: I like the fade in and the sound of the drums – cool sounding guitar as well.

Constructive Comments: I like the song however, I can hardly make out any of the words at all – something about the angels that’s about all I can make out – I would increase the vocals and change the vocal frequency because it blends too much with the guitar – best wishes.

Wolf Dawn by Highsmyth


Broadjam Artist: Highsmyth
Song: Wolf Dawn

Reviewer: Randal Dunkle

Positive Comments: I love the way the keyboards start and how the bass keys are played and then left out for a bit, great special effects as well.

Constructive Comments: I like the song, the only thing that I would do different is around the middle part of the song – it either needs a great lead guitar solo or a sax – best wishes!