On My Mind by Ben Green

Ben Green

Broadjam Artist: Ben Green
Song: On My Mind

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: Even though I’m not a big fan of rap, I liked this song. The lyrics are fresh, crisp & original (tingles down my vertebrae – loved it). The beat is fantastic and the harmonies really work. I like the fact that this strays from the “cheap love/one night stands” and speaks of marriage, wife, etc. We need more of that in rap music. Nice job!

Constructive Comments: Some of the vocals were a little muddy. I understood you better as the song progressed. Ending needs work…it’s so anti-climactic.

Stay With Me by Joe Stewart

Joe Stewart

Broadjam Artist: Joe Stewart
Song: Stay With Me

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: I don’t know where this was produced but if I could guess, I’d say Nashville, although there are great producers all over the world. This has a distinctively excellent vibe, from the intro to the end. Fantastic lyrics, believably sung. It’s a slow dance song and could easily make it into a movie, in my humble opinion. Love the keys and fiddle at the end. Favorite rhyme: day/put on the brakes. Tortured soul- great choice of lyric! I wish you every success with this song!

Constructive Comments: There were a couple of places where the vocal was a little muddy “God knows” could have been a little clearer.

Tonite I’m Blue by Earl.C.Webb


Broadjam Artist: Earl.C.Webb
Song: Tonite I’m Blue

Reviewer: Simon Finn

Positive Comments: This has a very chilled and laid back vibe and I loved the retro sounds, took me back to my youth and put me in mind of great 80s soul singers.

Constructive Comments: The only thing I would suggest the chorus and hook need a bit of work to make it more memorable. Otherwise great work.

VICTORY (instrumental) by MGB


Broadjam Artist: MGB
Song: VICTORY (instrumental)

Reviewer: Ante Novaselic

Positive Comments: Well somebody was paying attention to their high school or college marching band instructor. Good job. This song is 2 things in my opinion. It is very Marching and very band done well. decent recording. The layering of the horns was done nicely and the bass drum and cymbal hits were shaking the coffee in my cup. I didn’t even have to stir in the creamer. The precision timed bass drum and cymbal hits did all the stirring that cup of Joe will ever need. Well done!!

Constructive Comments: Keep it up and keep em coming!!

ElectroWalk-EDM by Marilyn Hall

Marilyn Hall

Broadjam Artist: Marilyn Hall
Song: ElectroWalk-EDM

Reviewer: Simon Finn

Positive Comments: Love love love it. Congratulations! This is the first song I’ve reviewed out of many on here that I would actually go out and buy. It’s great to hear something professionally produced and polished but by a writer that understands melody, harmony, structure and audience. You know your genre and you hit it squarely in the back of the net! BRILLIANT!

Constructive Comments: Nothing to improve at all. BRILLIANT WORK

I Don’t Think So by Signal 30

Signal 30

Broadjam Artist: Signal 30
Song: I Don’t Think So

Reviewer: Powerklash

Positive Comments: As soon as I hear the vocal I immediately know who it is. Your voice and style of songwriting is easily identifiable. Catchy on every level. I really like how you brought it up a notch at the end. By far my favorite band and songs on Broadjam….

Constructive Comments: Please do not a change ANYTHING about this song. It is perfect, I really like the scratchiness of the lead vocal. Also, the way you deliver the words and meaning comes through in the recording which is very difficult to achieve but you did it! Hope we get to meet sometime?…….

Please Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone by David J. Hentosh

David J. Hentosh

Broadjam Artist: David J. Hentosh
Song: Please Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone

Reviewer: Powerklash

Positive Comments: Beautiful recording and all the parts work well within the frame of the song. Great backing vocals and harmonies.

Constructive Comments: Lyrically this is a bit predictable. The song is really good and the hook works.

One Last Try Tonight by John Masarone

John Masarone

Broadjam Artist: John Masarone
Song: One Last Try Tonight

Reviewer: Powerklash

Positive Comments: This song is catchy, memorable and very Beatlesque. The recording is excellent with great guitar work that lasts throughout the entire song while remaining interesting.

Constructive Comments: This is a great song and recording with my only comment being is that it really sounds like a Beatles song.