John Deere and Souvenirs by Randy Steward

Randy Steward

Broadjam Artist: Randy Steward
Song: John Deere and Souvenirs

Reviewer: Kaye Logan

Positive Comments: love the instrumentals .I love the whole song, you have a good one going, and it should go far. I don’t see anything to question about,

Constructive Comments: no suggestions everything was fine. I had trouble finding the hook, but other than that it should go. I would buy it.

No More Worries ‘Bout Me (writer’s vocal) by Warren Hein

Warren Hein

Broadjam Artist: Warren Hein
Song: No More Worries ‘Bout Me (writer’s vocal)

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Nice piano playing in a dramatic ballad.

Constructive Comments: Piano is solid, overall arrangement is good, melody is listenable, voice is pretty weak, not bad, weak. If the intent is a demo, I think you’re ok, if it’s to sell the recording commercially I’d get a different singer.

A RESTLESS HEART (Tabby Webb) by Earl.C.Webb


Broadjam Artist: Earl.C.Webb
Song: A RESTLESS HEART (Tabby Webb)

Reviewer: Kaye Logan

Positive Comments: The lyrics are good, and instrumentals great, It’s put together good, and all in all I like it, the singer is good, but if it goes I think it will need a different singer. I am not saying the singer is not good, just you need better to take off.

Constructive Comments: I think with another singer or more feelings in it, would really be a nice song. Has great lyrics.

Shine on ‘Em, Drop a Nine on ‘Em (Rap – Hip Hop) by Mike Cantwell – TalentEast Productions

Mike Cantwell - TalentEast Productions

Broadjam Artist: Mike Cantwell – TalentEast Productions
Song: Shine on ‘Em, Drop a Nine on ‘Em (Rap – Hip Hop)

Reviewer: Husky Records LLC

Positive Comments: That original 90 boom-bap sound. When hip-hop was fun. Feels good.

Constructive Comments: Can’t think of any constructive criticism. Y’all good