Broadjam Artist: RICARDO ALONSO

Reviewer: Shaw and Zahara

Positive Comments: I felt as if I was listening to something that Jim Steinman and Elton John collaborated on after spending a weekend with Mozart. Great melody and performance. The title “There and Back Again” came to me as I was listening to the song build to an epic climax, then return to its regal roots, which reminded me of Bilbo Baggins’ autobiography of his legendary journey. Really nice work.

Constructive Comments: There isn’t a lot I can suggest to improve this song. The Progressive rock category is probably one of the more appropriate classifications for this melody, however, most people associate Progressive Rock with bands like Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Yes, and the classical elements that give this song such strength and grandeur may surprise some listeners, and may be missed by other listeners who would love this song, but are not fans of the Progressive Rock Genre. That is one thing that I would recommend for Broadjam, is to allow for some user defined genre classifications.

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