you’re gonna miss me by James Hamilton

James Hamilton

Broadjam Artist: James Hamilton
Song: you’re gonna miss me

Reviewer: DNG Music

Positive Comments: Great Transitions, Great harmonies, Vocalist has a wonderful voice. Mix is pretty straight forward, great song arrangement. overall a solid concept

Constructive Comments: Sounds are dated, and the song feels like it belongs in early 90’s music era. That being said a couple changes to the drums and some of the sounds would bring this song current. There are times the background vocals go flat/sharp. I’d probably run them through Melodyne to get a natural sounding pitch correction. I’d like a little more reverb but that could just be a preference thing

Breathless / R&B by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: Breathless / R&B

Reviewer: DNG Music

Positive Comments: Smooth groove, some of the breaks were very creative. Vocal arrangements were interesting. Great use of auxiliary sounds to build the verses i.e. strings. The bridge was really good.

Constructive Comments: The overall sound of the track is dull/muddy. I’d look around 800 hz in your vocal eq to eliminate some of that. The Bass sounds generic or cheap I would fatten up or try a live bass if it’s not live. If you are searching to hit top 40 music with this then the sounds themselves have to become more interesting. Could be a great song with some minor tweaks and some creativity with sound placement.

Won’t Be Hurt Again (Adult Contemporary) by Steve Dafoe – Songwriter

Steve Dafoe - Songwriter

Broadjam Artist: Steve Dafoe – Songwriter
Song: Won’t Be Hurt Again (Adult Contemporary)

Reviewer: Keith Taylor

Positive Comments: Very interesting song. It reminds of a Lightfoot song. I really like it.

Constructive Comments: I would tweak the lyrics ever so slightly. There are a few place where they just seem a little awkward. Too many syllables.Example how about “Stayin in my castle til the end” … the “right to” makes the line a little hurried to my ear.

Diamond Destiny by Signal 30

Signal 30

Broadjam Artist: Signal 30
Song: Diamond Destiny

Reviewer: Keith Taylor

Positive Comments: Really nice song. The tune in the verse is great.

Constructive Comments: The song is a little long and I think chorus is repeated too many times which is unnecessary. I would also consider punching up the chorus a little bit. For example “next to me” should go up…really punch it. Try it…you will like it. This song is so close. Hope this helps.

Amy Lowe by Ken Lehnig

Ken Lehnig

Broadjam Artist: Ken Lehnig
Song: Amy Lowe

Reviewer: Keith Taylor

Positive Comments: It reminded my of Harry Chapin. There are some really good parts. The first part of the chorus is great.

Constructive Comments: The song is long. I think it has potential but it needs some editing and production. There are a few places where the lyrics are a little awkward. The “consider marrying me” section is one example. The lead guitar solo doesn’t work for me. Not necessary or particularly special.

i need your love by lost on foot

lost on foot

Broadjam Artist: lost on foot
Song: i need your love

Reviewer: Ante Novaselic

Positive Comments: This song/genre is not what I usually listen too so I couldn’t really tell you who this could possibly sound like in the genre. The track is well recorded. The instrumentation is good. Vocals are nice as are the harmony vox. Not bad at all

Constructive Comments: Good work. Keep em’ coming strong!

A Very Merry Christmas by James McAlister

James McAlister

Broadjam Artist: James McAlister
Song: A Very Merry Christmas

Reviewer: Ante Novaselic

Positive Comments: Very very good Christmas song. Most likely the best Christmas song I have reviewed so far on Broadjam. And I have reviewed a few of them over the past couple of months. Great job from start to finish.Looking forward to hearing more!

Constructive Comments: Excellent work. Keep it up!!



Broadjam Artist: Earl.C.Webb

Reviewer: Wayne Ammons

Positive Comments: Like the percussion on this, it’s different. Production leaves plenty of space for the individual instruments.Vocals reminiscent of Michael McDonald,Johnny Neel. Love the change @ 2:34. Love the wah on the guitar parts. Love the Wurli @ 2:51.

Constructive Comments: Keep up the good work.